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Tuesday, August 22, 2000 8:45 PM
I got to Hershey park around 1 hoping for an empty park and lots of rides. Unfortunately everyone had my idea. The shoterst line was actually for the Lightning Racer about 10 minutes. This coaster has the best capicity I've ever seen. Even when the queue is filled it's around an hour wait. The Wildcat,Wild Mouse,Sidewinder and Great Blah all had about 40 minute waits. SDL was a 20 minuet wait when I got there but was a walk on about an hour later. Trailblazer even had a line out of the station.
Before I left I grabbed a beef sandwhich, ear of corn and tea near the Trailblazer. I'm glad I have a season pass because you get a 25% discount on food:) Dinner cost me 8 bucks with the discount. I had to leave around 5:30 to be in Harrisburgh for 6 so it was a quick trip.

Here's the quick rundown
Got to Hershey at 1 pm
SDL (2)
Comet (1)
Great Bear (1)
Wildcat (1)
Lightning Racer (2)
Ate at 5pm
left by 5:30
Only spent $8.00

Parks hit for 2000!

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