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.....or How How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Candy.

Hershey is a great park, one of the best in the world. While it pales in some respects in it's coasters, it's other rides, attractions, oh, and CANDY make up for it and push it forward as what I consider the premier attraction in the PA/NJ area.

Storm Runner was awesome as usual. I think I might have grown a bit, but it's restraints didn't hurt as bad as last time (on my neck that is, even then it wasn't that bad). Great ride, favorite Rocket Coaster.

Lightning Race was my old favorite woodie, but after El Toro it's still a must ride. I love the great drop, amazing turns, and the dueling parts.

RollerSoaker was odd-man-out, the long line combined with rapidly droping teamperature didn't make this ride as fun as it should have. Cold water and tons of wind on the ride made it even worse. I'll give it another chance during a hotter part of the day......

talking about water rides/parks, they really are shoehorning that waterpark in. It's crazy, but it'll work. Comparing the short lines for the coasters to the long lines for the water rides, I think this is a great move, just as long as they keep it ballanced out. ;)

Superdooper Looper was good, basic, and not too much out of the ordinary. I wonder if this is how we'll view TTD and Ka in 30 years?

Bear was good, but after Alpe, this is a walk in the park.

RECEE'S XTREME CUP CHALLANGE! Ok, where to start? I wish I can make this up guys, but I just can't. According to the attraction's lore, two washed up sports commentators, who's rise to fame was based on their love of chocolate and peanut butter, created the Recee's Xtreme Cup Challange. There is more, but I'll let you guys find it out and wonder if this was created by an insane marketing guy or someone who smoke some bad pot. The ride itself is hum-drum and weak. All targets, not sceanery, you're riding this for the Recee's at the end, not the ride itself. Very disappointing.

NEW Hershey Factory Tour. They added cows. And a new narration. That's it. Still the same great attraction as before. Better than the Xtreme Cup, and free! Got some Kissables at the end of the ride.

Overall a great day with good food, great atmosphere, and awesome rides (except the XTREME CUP CHALLANGE). Can't wait to go back.

At least SDL runs most of the time. Rapidly dropping temps? Did you get a storm there? Wednesday was pretty hot and sticky about an hour east of you.

Maybe none of their coasters is a record breaker, or the "best" in its particular type, but I think few parks have an overall coaster lineup comparable to Hershey's. Throw in the flats, shows, kiddie rides, etc. and you have a really great all-around park. And the chocolate is the topper.

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Problem with the temp was that we rode later on in the day, it went from hot to a mild temp, which by itself is fine, but add being soaked and being in a shadded moist station, it got rather cold for such a hot day.
I was asked by someone in my family two days if Hersheypark was now my favorite local park and I had to say yes. Great Adventure has definitely fallen in quality as Hersheypark is gaining. I don't include Knoebels because that is a totally different park experience. I was definitely thinking big park when I answered that question.

I hope we are talking about TTD and KK like SDL in a few years why? cause that means they fixed them. I make sure to get at least a lap on SDL every time I go to the Land of Chocolate.

I would say Storm Runner may take a best in class. I haven't been on Xcelerator yet so for me it is best in class. TTD and KK have nothing on Storm Runner to me.

Maybe Xtreme Cup would be better if they did little corny things like during the hockey part you hear one of the two guys say "THEY SHOOT, THEY SCORE!" and things that fit each scene.

Watch the tram car please....
Rapidly dropping temps on Wed the 19th? I live 40 min south west of Hershey and I was mowing the yard that night. First time that I can remember that I almost past out from the heat. Rapidly dropping? What? Ffom 98 degrees to 93 degrees?

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
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SLFAKE, rappidly dropping to us, from what we can tell. Remember, being wet and under cover made the temp rapidly drop where we were, in line. It's easily 10 degrees cooler in line than anywhere else in the park. Again, this is how we felt and most of my friends agreed that it was weird, heck, I even got a small cold!

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