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Sunday, June 25, 2000 2:12 PM
i went to hp on saturday the 24th. got there around 5(starlight admission) and stayed past closing. rode every coaster except for sidewinder(already did that), mad mouse(already did that), and trailblazer(more concerned w/ riding great bear and comet again). the waits were extremely short for a saturday. 15minute waits on each of the lightning racer, 25 minutes for wildcat, 20-35 for great bear. i rode great bear twice, it was good but pretty short. comet is a very great coaster, rode it once. sooperdooperlooper is pretty cool(no OTSR), rode it 3 times. wildcat is better than both of the lightning racers, and the red racer is better. i wasnt impressed too much by the LRs, but they are still a fun ride. i had good seats all night sitting in the back for most of the time. all in all, hp is a very good park. they ran 2 trains on all of the coasters which was very very nice. the ops were good when loading and unloading, too. walk-on to 35 minute waits were very acceptable to me on a saturday night (i think people were scared away from the brittany spears concert[thank god we couldnt hear her in the park]). next stops- bgw and some more of sfo in the near weeks.
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3-2, 5-1, 9-2

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