Hersheypark 10/28/07 w/construction pics

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We arrived at the park at around 4pm. The crowds seemed modest, but it was hard to tell due to the fact that they had other activities going on around the park(car show, and a 5k run.) We rode the tram in, and when we got to the entrance we were pleasantly surprised.


Note: pics taken with cell phone, so they aren't the greatest quality, but you get the idea.

This was our first visit to the park Hersheypark in the Dark this season, and we picked a good day to visit. The Hershey characters were in full Halloween dress, and that park was decorated decently.


I really wanted to ride Storm Runner or Ghost Runner as it's called for their Halloween event, but it was down when we first arrived there. We decided to head up to Midway America to hit up those GCI's and the Wild Mouse to start the day.

Along the way I decided to snap some pics of the construction site. When they said that they were removing the Western Shootout to put in the new coaster I didn't really think they had that much land there, but upon inspecting they have plenty of room there for the coaster. It will extend from the Tidal Wave catering back to the Arcade near the Claw. From the markings on the ground it seems that one game area might be removed for the coaster.




The first pic is of the ground clearing, and to show the area that the new coaster will be in.

The 2nd and 3rd pics show the end closest to the Claw and the game that will be removed. From the look of the support markings on the ground this is where the Cobra Roll will be at. I am looking forward to the new coaster.

After snapping a few pics we headed up to Midway America and rode Scaredy Cat(Wildcat,) Mouse Stew(Wild Mouse,) and Wicked Racer(both sides.) We then seen that Ghost Runner was running and made our way over to ride.

I had wanted to see how Storm err Ghost Runner compared to Maverick since I had just ridden that last week at Boobuzz. We both like Ghost Runner better then Maverick, but Maverick has the length to it that we'd wished Storm Runner had. They are both great rides. Actually I think their new coaster would be more apt to compare to Maverick then Storm Runner.

We took 2 laps on Ghost Runner, and then headed up to ride the Great Scare. We rode in the backseat since the front seat line was way too long to wait for.

We then headed down to Comet Hollow and took 2 laps on the SooperBOOperlooper. It was running pretty well tonight. When we got to the Ichabod's Train(Comet) we decided to skip it because it had the longest coaster line of the day.

We were going to take a ride on Reese's X-Scream Cup Challenge, but the line was even longer then the Comet, so we decided to call it a day and head out Kokomo's for dinner.

Anyone that isn't from the area and loves hot wings should check Kokomo's if you haven't. They have the best, and I have tried a lot of different wings at different places, and states. With all the talk from friends about Buffalo Wild Wings I thought they might be the ones that would be close to taking the title away from Kokomo's, but they weren't even close. Another plus is the $6 pitcher of Yuengling Lager to drink with the excellent wings.

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That area where the Chute Out was looks a lot different now that it's clear. I'm curious to see how Fahrenheit will be laid out and oriented.

I was there Sunday night too, but did limited coaster riding. I was "overdressed" and the additional layers (plus the phone, camera, and hat I had stuffed in my jacket pockets) made the restraints and lap bars a wee bit more snug. :) Worst part was, I really didn't need all those layers until the walk out to the parking lot at closing.

BTW, the longest line I encountered all night was the one for the Kettle Corn. No wonder why those restraints are tight! :) Thanks for the tip on Kokomo's.

Now that it's cleared there is a nice chunk of land, and when I visited the park in the past I would have never thought of it as a location for a future coaster.

Kokomo's is on RT22. Take RT39 back toward I81, and when you get to RT22 turn left. Go to the third light and turn left. They are right there along RT22. I try to stay away from unhealthy food, but hey we all have our weaknesses. ;) Wings are mine.

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