Hersheypark - 6/29/05

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Sorry about the delay with the TR...just been lazy and busy with work until today.

My girlfriend and I went to the Hershey/Harrisburg area for Tuesday night, and then the next day, went to the park for a day of fun and coasters...

We hit Storm Runner first, had only a 5-10 minute wait...considering we waited an hour and a half last time, during the first year of the coaster being open...this was a wonderful surprise to see. Turns out that the lines would be like this all day. The ride was excellent, just like last time.

We then went and rode Great Bear, Superdooperlooper, and Comet...before heading over to Midway America to hit up Wildcat, Lightning Racer. The longest wait happened to be for Comet, about a 10 minute wait. All of the coasters so far had been extremely fun, like they always are...Comet seemed to be running a little rough, but for a coaster it's age, it was great. Superdooperlooper was a walk-on.

Lightning Racer and Wildcat were also walk-ons, which was amazing to us, as the lines at Hershey had never been that short for us, even on a Wednesday. Since we had ridden everything else and were getting hungry...and storm clouds were moving in, we headed back towards Sidewinder, rode that as a walk-on...then went back to Storm Runner for another 5 minute wait...got on the last ride before lightning struck nearby and shut the ride down. We then went to Chocolate World, shopping at the outlets, and Red Robin for dinner before heading home.

It was a wonderful day, with a wonderful woman, and the rides were great...another great day at Hershey!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Good for you. Sounds like you had an awesome time, with no crowd! Gotta love those days.

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

Great to hear! I'll be taking 2 kids there in a few days...I cannot wait :)

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