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Got to finally hit Hersheypark this year, and what a nice time we had! I so really like Hersheypark, and it was a great day to go. I don't know how it is at all other parks, but the crowds weren't bad today. I'll do this TR in my usual format of random observations:
  • The park officially opens at 10, but they started letting people in around 10 minutes early, which was nice. Also, the rides were scheduled to open at 10:30, but I think at least some of them were opened before then, as well.
  • Wildcat's new trains are gorgeous.
  • Wildcat still has some of its characteristic roughness, but the GCIs help make it more tolerable. It doesn't seem quite as "fierce" as it did with the PTCs, but it's still a good ride. There are still spots of airtime--just don't let those lapbars fall down on you! The front cars are the place to be on this one.
  • All coasters were running at least 2 trains, except, of course, for Sidewinder. When we first got in line for SDL, they only had one on, but they finally put the second on. I actually got to see how they move a train from the storage track to the main track, which was interesting. Since this is an "old school" coaster, they had to manually get out there and pull some pins or something out of the track. Then, they had to manually turn the transfer track toward the storage track, advance the train through the use of motors (I suppose), then manually push the transfer track back into regular position, then reinsert the holding pins.
  • The new Boardwalk is quite well done, as are most new things that Hersheypark installs. A lot of guests definitely seem to like it.
  • Comet looks nice. It seems like it has a fairly new paint job, as does SDL and the queue railings in Great Bear's station. Good work, Hershey!
  • I think that they have installed at least 1 new bathroom, which is down near Lightning Racer and the new waterslides and East Coast Waterworks. The new area that was installed between Canyon River Rapids and Tidal Force looks nice, and it provides another way to get to Roller Soaker.

Overall, a really great day at Hersheypark. This place is so nice and clean and well-run. It's definitely one of the best parks in the region, and close to being on-par with Busch parks. If Busch were to run a traditional-style amusement park, then this is the closest thing that I know of. And, if possible, stay around until after nightfall--the park is gorgeous at night.

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What were the crowds in the new Boardwalk area like? I don't think that I am looking forward to that.
That was probably the most crowded area during the afternoon, but this happens at other parks, as well, such as Dorney Park and Geauga Lake. Water parks are just popular. I wouldn't say that it was terrible yesterday, though. Now on a Saturday in the summer? Avoid it like the plague :)

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How does the Boardwalk affect the crowds and traffic in Midway America? Some people were concerned it would take away (visually) from that area. Is there limited access to the Boardwalk? Or are people free to move in and out of thedifferent areas?
Visually, it's not much, if any, bad. People are free to move in and out of the different areas. Main midways go through the Boardwalk, so it you want to steer clear of it and have access to Midway America, basically, stay to the left at the fork in the road just past Tidal Force; to get to Lightning Racer, walk past Wildcat and around the back way; otherwise, you'll have to cut through the Boardwalk area.

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