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We made the trip down to chocolate town yesterday for the Spring in the Park event. I must start off by saying that the weather was fantastic, and the crowds were minimal for Hershey, mostly families with young children. I was also excited to ride Wildcat, since earlier this year I saw they had been working on the track.

While the park did open at 10, the only coaster operating at the time was Comet, which had already begun to collect a queue. We passed, and went to Great Bear, waited about 15 min for the ride to open, and were on the second train. All day this ride was near walk on. Great ride, and I LOVE the B & M roar on this thing.

We then went to Storm Runner, but it was down, testing. Only one train was running, the body of the second was laying in the station. After about a half hour we were on. Definately my favorite launched coaster, and best steel in PA IMO.

Wild Mouse is a must at Hershey, theirs runs with practiacally no trims, and always delivers a great punch. Walk on.

Then to Wildcat. I was hoping that the retracking had made this great coaster ridable again, and I was not dissapointed. The front seat gave such an intense ride, only hit a little roughness, and the AIR! I have never felt a wood twister deliver like this!

We then hit Super Dooper Looper, a great classic ride. I really love the feeling in the loop, and it is great how it is nestled in the terrain.

Since there were so many families, the wait for Trailblazer was long, but we opted to ride, I have some sort of love for these little mine trains. A great ride, with new wheels, still bumpy, but not bad.

The longest line was for Comet. They have done quite a bit of track work in the off season, and painted the new track to match the old ride. It made for a FAST first drop, great air time, but they still have the trim on the second turn. It did not seem as strong as prior years, so we still had a lot of speed left, but no air. I guess Hershey likes it this way, a great ride for families, not too intense for the little ones.

Over all we had a great day, even without Lightning Racer and Roller Soaker, and got a great view of the construction for the new ride in 2007. Chaos is gone, and the whole area inside the paths in Midway America is footers and dirt. Something big is coming, and I can't wait to see what it is!

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

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