Hershey Park Springtime

I was at HP last year for friday and saturday of the springtime weekend and it was packed. the weather was also beautiful as well which I assume helped. My question, has anyone actually gone on Easter Sunday, and if so whats the crowd like? I am contemplating sweeping the whole weekend!

gary b
I went on Saturday last year and hated the crowds that day as well. I saw a TR on another site last year of someone who went on Easter Sunday and the park was dead. I plan to go that day this year if the weather is ok.

The only thing I hate is LR, Wildcat, Wild Mouse and Coal Cracker (and of course Roller Soaker) are closed this year. Though the site said all those rides were not open for Springtime In the Park and they all were minus Roller Soaker last year. *** Edited 3/9/2007 4:49:46 AM UTC by YoshiFan***

That does suck. I didn't realize it til now. If you remember last year though they were so busy didn't they start opening closed rides? I know they opened up tidal force, but then again it was also freakishly hot as well

gary b
Yeah, I fixed my last post since I didn't say last year but they opened up Midway America last year and some other rides. I at least hope they open Wildcat since I really want to try it with the new trains. *** Edited 3/9/2007 5:14:48 AM UTC by YoshiFan***
Do they always schedule this for Easter weekend? The reason I'm asking is that next year, Easter is March 23. Might be just a little early (and still chilly) for coaster riding.
I was there for Hershey Park in the Dark in 2006, and I'll tell you, the temp was in the low 40's high 30's. StormRunner was so dead that we were in the front seat, and as the coaster came back to station we would just be dispatched right back out cause there was NOBODY in line. Cold...yes. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!!! What an experience it is in the cold!

gary b
When I was there last year for In The Dark, Stormrunner's line was terrible all night long, and the only things that were even close to being walk-on at any time were SooperDooperLooper and Sidewinder. But I agree with you about the temperatures -- it doesn matter how cold it is, it's worth riding! (A week after that, I rode Phoenix in the dark and it was a lot colder. Now that was a walk-on all night -- it was a charity event so they didn't give re-rides -- but they didn't have a lot of riders because it was only advertised locally.) Plus, the Easter event will be entirely during daylight hours, so unless we get another severe cold wave it'll be warmer than the Halloween event for sure.

I wonder why they're not planning on opening Midway America? If I was running it, I'd take staff off of some of the lamer rides and put them on the coasters :) No matter how good their steel coasters are, for me it'll suck if the only wood running is the one that's not allowed to run at its designed speed.

But you're more lkely to have snow on the ground, or in the air in late March than late October in PA. It might be in the 30s at night in October, but sometimes it's in the 30s during the days in late March.

Besides for In the Dark, the park's already been operating for months. For Springtime, the park's been down for three.

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Are there any other parks that are open durring this time in the same area?

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