Hershey Park Photo help

Howdy all! My six year old god daughter is tall enough this year to ride Comet and SDL at Hershey. She is so excited. She loves going to parks with my wife and I, and the only thing that stops her is height requirements. This year is going to be a blast.

I started mailing her things a few days ago to start building the excitement. The first day it was a picture of hershey candybars. The next day a picture of the comet with a train on the lifhill. Today it will be an envelope full of Hershey kiss flags. She only lives across town, but its fun.

I was looking for a picture of the entrance to Comet, with the height measuring blocks visible. I want to send that with the question "are you a reese's" on it? (the minium height catagory to ride...which she now is!) if anybody has a picture of this they can post so I can print, I would be very greatful!

The countdown to Spring Time in Hershey is on!!!!!

gary b
Sorry to post again. Also, if anybody has any suggestions for future mailings, I'd love to hear some ideas!

gary b
Have you tried the website? They might have some pictures showing the height requirements-- even if it's not specifically for Comet. They always seem to have a picture showing kids lined up at the measuring blocks at the front of the park.

P.S. You have to ask her "What brand are you?"

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