Hershey park or SFA Some Help !

Wednesday, June 27, 2001 9:47 PM
I have ask my parents to take me to eather SFA or Hershey park .so i emailed hersheypark asking how long lines get, etc also i posted a forum on tips for fun at hershey but now im hearing that hershey park gets really crowded. And isent as big as dorney park and dorney park is preety small. then i was looking at Herhsey parks web site and they seemed to have good wooden coasters and a good inverted (great bear) but i got emailed back from hershey park saying that the popular rides get wait times of about 1hr to 1hr 30mins and if all the lines are ganna be that long it will suck the fun out the trip. so what are the popular coasters and wich ones will have 1hr plus waits? i dont mind waiting 1 hr for a coaster for maybe 2 coasters but after a while its no fun. but then if i want i can change my mind to SFA but i know nuthing about SFA i dont know if they get just as crowded as hersehy park or if they have less rides or more or what all i know about them is they have coasters and i wanna ride them. plus hersheys ride selction looks preety out dated! all there flat rides are literaly form the 70's and 80's not that i care to ride them but im sure everyone likes to see a park with alot of rides that look nice then rusty scrap metal falling apart. so what am i to do? stick with hershey or change my mind and go later in the summer and go to SFA? wich has better coasters? so everyone knows who reads this post i have never ridden a boomarang or a steel wild mouse yet. so maybe herhsey but then SFA has a flying coaster so any littel bit of help on wich park to go to would help greatly!and if i got to hershey wich coasters should i hit first im going on july,16,01 thats a monday *** This post was edited by MrMightyMouse on 6/28/2001. ***
Wednesday, June 27, 2001 10:06 PM
Interesting question with some interesting spelling. If you've never ridden a hypercoaster or a flying dutchman, I'd say SFA for sure. If you've never ridden a B&M inverted or America's only dual racing coasters, try Hershey. Hershey definitely gets a lot more crowded, especially on weekends because it's older and more established. In my last two experiences, The Comet, Great Bear, and Trailblazer had the worst waits out of the coasters there. At SFA, expect long lines for Two Face and Batwing. S:ROS is hit or miss on lines. As for flatrides, both Hershey & SFA have their share of older flatrides, but both have new ones as well such as the Chance Chaos. Can you go to both parks somehow? It would make your life a lot easier.
Thursday, June 28, 2001 12:18 AM
if i missspelled anything its becuase at the time of the post i was in a rush becuase my min on the computer where running out and i was rushing it. but im going to both parks i just picked herhsey first becuase it cost more $ for me becuase park tickets etc and i would rather get that out the way first so i dont spend all my school cloths money on hershey park in Aug at least if i go now my parpents will forget they spent the money.

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