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After a weekend of shopping we decided to go to Hershey in the Dark as a spur of the moment thing. We found out that the hours where 2-9PM. It too a lot of talking to get my dad to go but we ended up going after the weather decided to hold out. I was excepting the park to me crowded because it was close Halloween and all but I was surprised as you will read later on.

We arrived at the parking entrance at about a 1:50 and paid the parking fee of $6. On the way to our parking space we saw a lot of track and supports for their new ride Storm Runner (as we confirmed, as you will read later on). After we walked to the gates we saw that it was pay per ride (aka free admission) or you could get a wrist band. My parents and sister did not fell like riding much so they just got me a wristband for only $19. Like normal we headed towards Midway America. Instead of going towards Lighten Racer first we decided to hit the Wild Mouse first because there was no line. My sister felt like riding this one so she paid four tickets. This is the best Wild Mouse I have ever ridden, the only reason this is because it is un-braked, no trims at all giving it a true wild feeling. If you have never ridden this one you have never ridden a wild mouse.

After we got off the ride we headed towards Lighten Racer and as I looked towards the road I saw even more tracked lined up along the outside fence running all the way from the parking lot around the corner of the park to roller soaker. If you look at some pictures I had taken in the past you can see how much space this is. We walked right on to the front seat and rode; on the way up the lift it fully hit me how much track there was. I guessed that all track was on site and about 3/4 of the supports. As always Lighten Racer provided a excellent ride.

After we got off we decided to check out the construction site and head over towards Great Bear. When we got over by SideWinder we could see just how much work was going on. As you can see from the pictures on the bottom all the footers for the station are in and they have the forms in for the huge footer that will hold up the top hat. As we continued towards Great Bear we notice that they barely started on any of the other footings though out the park, the only evidence was a lot of trees cut down to make way for the ride.

We decided to make a stop by TrailBlazer because there was no line for once. On the ride I looked at the construction site and I noticed that there will be a lot of supports around the ride, and it will come within feet of the station for Storm Runner.

When we where done we headed towards Great Bear and I rode with my sister. This ride is still great every time I ride it. When I was going down the first hill I waved to people on the bridge and they waved back to my surprise lol.

After that we headed towards SooperDooperLopper for our classic ride that we do every time. To our surprise when we were done there was no line for Comet… wait did just say that? The only reason I haven’t rode it in years is because there is always a hour or more wait. I was also surprised out of the last 6 times I was there they were running TWO trains!

After Comet we headed back to Great Bear and then to the Kissing Tower. I took last pictures of the park without Strom Runner in the pictures. I think that this ride will change the skyline of Hershey forever just because of its size.

After this it was about 1 ½ hours after entering the park so we headed back towards Lighten racer because we were only planning on spending about 2 ½ hours at the park. On the way over I got my first ride on The Claw…

The Claw, this was the first time it was open when I was there so I decided to grab a ride on it, I was a little scared at first because I don’t usually ride flats but I though this one would be good. This ride was amazing; it is like a giant swing that spins. Once I got off the first time I went right back around and rode again.

For out last ride we went back on Lighten Racer and made out way out of the park.

In the 2 ½ hours we were there I did:

Wild Mouse: 1
Lighten Racer: 2
Trail Blazer: 1
Comet: 1
Great Bear: 2
SooperDooperLooper: 1
The Claw: 2

And the Halloween theme there was nice with a lot of corn stocks. I still have another hour to get home as I type this in the car, gotta love a laptop.

One more thing, I am not sure how many of you have seen track piled in a parking lot, but it is a sight to see if you can. I had seen pictures before but they don’t do justice to the size of these supports and track.

Also we took a look at Tidal Force and they have installed a new guard where the boat crushed the old one, you can still see where the paint rubbed off the boat on to the rocks.

Fire alarm at our hotel, notice anything wrong?

Station Area


The new comet name for the weekend

Great Scare (aka Great Bear)

Big Hole is where the top hat is going

Closer to the big hole

All the track:


Matt Rydzik

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