Hershey Park in the Dark

As notted here earlier in another post briefly, Hershy park will go from 3 weekends to 2 weekends in 2007 for October. I have provided a copy of the email I sent, along with the email address I sent it to in hope that with enough letters, we can change their minds. I don't know about you, but october is one of my favorite rollercoaster months with the darkness and the chill in the air!


In the season of 2005. it was my first time back at Hershey Park in years! Ever since I have been hooked. I had a few visits during that season, and also was at ALL THREE weekends of Hershey Park in the Dark. I had no choice, I became a 2006 season pass holder. WOW what a year! I was at Spring Time in Hershey 2 of the 3 days, was at the park almost every week of the season, and was at all three weekends of Hershey Park in the Dark in 2006. Dark and a chill in the air is the best setting for StormRunner and Great Bear! Of course, once again I had no choice, and renewed my pass for the 07 season and I can't wait for the celebration! I am upset to see that Hershey Park in the Dark this year will only be two weekends. That will definatly be a missed weekend of great roller coaster conditions. i write in hopes that if enough of us show our feelings, there might just might be a change made!

gary b
As I mentioned in the other thread, it's just the way schedule works out. Halloween falls in the middle of the week this year, so the weekend after is already November 3-4. Candylane opens two weekends after that, so I'm sure they need all that time to decorate the park for that. So they wouldn't add a weekend after Halloween.

The first weekend of HPITD is October 19-21. They're probably open for private events the weekend of October 7 and 8. I don't know whether they need two full weeks to ready the park for HPITD or not, but that may be the case. If they could be open the weekend of the 12th, I'm sure they'd already be planning on it.

If I recall correctly, I think the classic car show is the weekend of the 12th. That show takes up all the parking areas at the park, so it's not possible to open anything else while that is going on.

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