Hershey Park Fat man

I’m a fat guy and was wondering if there were any Coasters I should avoid at Hershey Park.

Use the test seats.

6’3” 290lbs here... Rode every coaster with some help from the ride ops. Fahrenheit and Storm Runner have the same style restraints as Maverick at CP but we’re way more restrictive. Stuff was a tight fit. HP may take the small restraint crown from CP.

But then again, what do I know?

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Great Bear has a sign for great bears.

I’m not as big as Shane, and went yesterday. One time i got on Skyrush and had no issue, i got it buckled myself after many attempts. The second time i couldn’t buckle it myself, and they came and crammed it down on me. I saw a few people get kicked off who i didn’t think looked a ton bigger than me. I think i only saw women get booted off, which i guess is maybe because it has to do with how you carry your weight.

Defintely try the test seats, but i wouldn’t give up on riding if you’re close but not quite. On the Laff Trak tester, the attendant told my sister it’s smaller than the actual seat, and they have tricks to get you in. They had her sit with her legs crossed and got it to work.

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I think you should choose a ride where you will have fun. :)

Just dropped 15, yes 15 pounds, in the past 7 days by eating hard boiled eggs, chicken breasts and granola bars but gave up soda. Drink lots of water, eat 3 healthy meals and 3 healthy snacks. The more you weigh, the more you eat. As you dropped the pounds, decrease your portions. It's up to you to prioritize being able to ride vs eating a bunch of crappy food. I went from 203 down to 187. Another friend who is a bit larger lost 35 pounds over the past month by doing the Adkins diet. Not only will you be able to fit into more, if not all rides, but your back and legs will thank you for dropping any weight you can and walking around the parks will become much easier and more enjoyable. I was sweating like a pig the week before just standing in line. Hopefully, I get down to 175 and things become much more tolerable during this heat.

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Today I learned even if you're huge and the park allows you to cram yourself into the coaster seat, its going to be super uncomfortable anyway. Not worth it to me, then again, neither is that lifestyle in almost every other way.

I call that MOTIVATION to get healthy.

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