Hershey Park....... fat friendly! :D

Been a long, long, LONG time since I've been here. Used to do a lot of trip reports, was a member of ACE, did a few events etc..... was at CoasterMania w/ LuvRaptor (I think that was her name). Been around for years since then, just never really posted anything.

Little background: Seven years ago, on my honeymoon, we went to IOA and I got told I was too big to ride Hulk. I was not that big, and have ridden it many many times I just don't think the attendant was willing to try to staple me into the seat, so he had me get off the ride and switch people around so that I could go into the big boy chair in a diff. row (after waiting 45 mins for the front). As you can imagine, I was mortified and too embarrased to bother with riding anything else on my Orlando trip, and since then did not renew my ACE membership, or go to any part since then. I have missed out on Kingda Ha, El Toro, etc... for fear of getting turned away. And why pay to go into a park to go to the test seats to be told no, by an inanimate test chair.

So, this past weekend was my parents 50th anniversary. They wanted to go to Lancaster, PA and eat the Plain and Fancy Farm and go see the Sight and Sound show called "Jonah". Half of my family was planning on doing Hershey Park the next day, and they really wanted me to go with them but I did not want to go. All because of the event 7 years ago. Because I have gained weight since then (all love weight by the way lol), so there was no way I was gonna be able to go on anything. But I decided I would go anyway and at least walk around the park since I haven't been to Hershey since I was 12.

The night before I googled "Hershey Park, Fat Friendly?", "I am 270 lbs, can I ride the coaster at Hershey", and "Hershey Park for far people?" just to read posts. From what I learned is that Comet is a difficult one to get on, and then after that the difficult ones are Skyrush, Giant Bear, and Fahrenheit. So, the first one I tried to get on...... after 7 years of worrying if I could make it, was Comet. I made it no problem, the seat belt had slack left and the attendant was happy and I rejoiced. Huzzah. So, in case the rest of the day is a no-go I can at least ride this ride the whole day. And I would do that. But I tried, and gathered the courage to try Skyrush. Went to the test seat and after sitting down and pulling the harness down, I was pulling the latch to it's max length when the attendant said "Oh you got this, you're fine". So I ran to the ride.......

And got on.

First off, this ride is crazy. CRAZY!! THe lift hill is not a launch, but it is a powered fast lift (kinda like Millenium Force) but it does not slow down at the apex, but plunges you straight down. Max air time!!!!

From that point on, I was able to get on every ride. The only ones that gave me a problem were The Claw (needed row 8's outside seat), and Fahrenheit and Storm Runner were tight fits, but were good enough!

So I am making this post so if anyone else is looking to see if they can get their chubby behind on the rides at Hershey, they will have a guide.

I am 5 ft 5, weight 270 lbs, have a 44" waist.

I was able to ride, with no problem:




Flying Falcon

Kissing Tower



Wild Mouse

Lightning Racer (Thunder side)

With minimal problems (quickly rectified):

The Claw (Had to sit in row 8, on one of the outside seats)

Great Bear (was a little tight fit, but with some stapling I was able to ride)

Fahrenheit (Was able to snap the belt into the shoulder harness, and pull a scant amount of slack, so it was close)

Storm Runner (Same as Fahrenheit. Same harness system)

So after seven years of non-coaster riding, yesterday I got a ton in and it felt GREAT! I was so giddy I couldn't even hold it in.

So if anyone is chubby and worried about riding rides, my best bit of advice is to not do what I did and just not go to any parks. At least go, try the test seats. If you can't ride, then you know that that park is a prob and enjoy the rest of your time there doing other things and next time go to a diff park. I really wish I didn't turn it all off before. My home park (SFGA) got great rides that I have never ridden and I think I may be able to.

Sorry for the rant, just wanted to post this. You can see my pics on my facebook page.

Not bad, considering you went the day AFTER a visit to a Lancaster County smorgasbord. Not a rant at all. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the info, I think you can get away with your weight cause your kinda short(no offence). I'm 6"4 270lb and I did the walk of shame twice at the last park I visited(california's crappy america)but I saw dudes like you ride the rides I couldn't. I think for most rides you can be tall or fat but both is the kiss of death.Anyways congrats on being able to ride all the rides, I'm jealous.I'm gonna check out your facebook pics.

I am 6'6" and 260lbs... At my max I was around 280lb and the only ride that ever gave me hassle was MF when they went to the super short belts a few years back after the SROS incident. No problem now though what-so-ever, but I know how bad of a feeling it is to be turned down!

It really depends on body type more than weight/height a lot of the time. I am quite muscular in build and really do not have a belly or anything, which is good for OTSR system. My problem comes with my long legs.... For example, almost all PTC trains are extremely uncomfortable. I HATE them. Give me the wonderful millennium flyer trains anyday!

Glad you got to ride!! Must be a great feeling!

BTW, we love Lancaster... Our favorite place to eat though is Millers... We have tried a few others but nothing compares for us. Love it!

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