Hershey Park 8/24- 8/25

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The last time I was at Hershey was when I was five years old back in 1998. My family and my friends family decided to take a trip down for a couple of days. I haven't been to many amusement parks in my life and I heard that this one was really nice. The weather for the two days was very nice, no rain. We got to the park real early both days and stayed for most of the day. The crowd the first day wasen't to bad but was a little worst the second day but still not to bad.

Wildcat was the first coaster we all went on. This coaster was a walk on both days. My friend and I went on 14 times in the matter of two days and didn't wait more then 20 minutes. I was suprised because it's not that bad of a ride. The ride is a little bumpy here and there but still a great wood coaster. Another coaster that wasen't really busy at all was Lighting racer. My friend and I also went on this ride about 15 times each and never waited at all. This is one of my favorite coasters because its a racing coaster so it makes it more fun. Its much smoother then Wildcat and a think faster. The first drop is pretty good and going under and over the other coaster makes it great. Between these two wood coasters, we got a lot of rides. All 12 of us that went to the park rode Comet. Even my friends little cousin who is 5 years old. The wait was around 20 minutes for the two times we went on it. This is another good wooden coaster that I really like. The first big coaster that I went on was Great Bear. The only ones that went on the big coasters were me, my friends uncle, my friends cousin, and my dad. The rest only went on the wood coasters. We went on three times, the first time being at night. This is an amazing ride espically at night. Its one of the loudest metal coasters I've ever heard and the front row is the best. I like the little helix that it does before the first drop and then the first drop. Really good coaster. Farenheit was a ride that I was dying to go on. The lines were really crowed for Farenheit the first day so we waited to see if it would get smaller as the day went on [at least a hour wait the whole day]. The second day we just decided to go on the line and wait. The line was pretty big but it went pretty fast because of the three trains running. When it was finally are turn, we got rows 4,5. Even tho the ride was kind of short, it was still amazing. The lift hill was amazing going straight up not seeing anything and the drop was even better looking straight down at the floor. The ride isen't really that fast at all but still great. Sidewinder was another coaster that I really wanted to go on [not sure why]. After going on the first time, I found that it was nothing really special. Very bumpy so I didn't go for a second ride. SuperDooperLooper was another not so good coaster. The first drop is ok and so is the loop but thats it after that. Storm Runner looked like the best coaster and I didn't have time to go on it the first day so I was planning on going on the second day. But right as we walked into the park, we found out the ride was closed [along with Farenheit]. It didn't take long for Farenheit to open and Storm Runner opened later in the day. We went right towards the ride when we found out it was open. We waited around 30 minutes which wasen't to bad and I got to ride in the front row. All I was able to say when I walked off that ride was wow. Amazing even tho it was really short. The launch really gets you espically when its your first time. Great way to end the trip with the best coaster in the park.

The water park was completly packed both days. The first water ride we went to the first day was the slides. We ended up waiting around 45 minutes for a 20 second slide. The playground was also packed even tho there was no wait. I then knew why there was no line for either Wildcat and Lighting Racer which I guess ended up being a good thing that the water park was opened. Roller Soaker looked pretty stupid and wasen't going to wait 45 minutes for it. I really wanted to do Tidal Force but it was also around an hour wait. The wave pool was acually pretty cool and there was no wait for that.

All in all: The park was really fun. They had a lot of good rides and the wait for the coasters weren't to bad. The water park was packed but still pretty fun. Wouldn't mind going back again next year


You certainly got a lot of rides in on Wildcat and Lightning Racer. It probably took you longer to walk around and get back in line than it did to wait on the platform for the ride. Nice TR.

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We loved Lighting Racer, IMO it is the best coaster in the park with Wildcat coming in 2nd.

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Lighting racer is defiantly my favorite wood in the park and my favorite metal had to be either Great Bear or Storm Runner

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