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Thursday, June 21, 2001 7:54 AM
Me and My freind got my brother to drive the hour and a half drive to hershey park! I was praying for A non crowded day because with the bad luck I had with Bgw,sfgadv,and moreys pier earlier this year. I was blessed with one of the least crowded days I have ever been to despite all the people from ace for coaster con. If anybody saw me there I was wearing a charlie the tuna shirt. But anyway we got there and headed to the comet but it was not open yet so we headed over to the never crowded sooperdooperlooper. I still love this ride even though I have ridden this over 200 times. The g-forces are great like most swarzkoph coasters.I would give this coaster 7/10 stars. I went on it twice then I noticed the great bear had empty seats on it! So we ran up and it was a walk on ride! we rode it four times without getting off.The great bear gets 8/10 stars. Then I went over to the log flume called the coal cracker. Next we went over to the trail blazer. I screamed like I was dying the whole ride and lots of old people looked at me weird! I give the trailblazer a 4/10 but it's a good first rollercoaster. Next I went over to the sidewinder. I don't like boomerangs very much but i had to ride this anyway because my brother wanted to. I gave the sidewinder a 3/10 just because it's not very fun and it hurts! Then we heade down to midway america and went on the wildcat. It seemed extremely bumpy but still a great ride. I give the wildcat a 8/10! I went on the wild mouse next. I didn't expect much but this mouse was the best I have been on! I give it a 5/10. I headed for lightning racers. I got in lightning and we won! I give lightning a 9/10.
Then we went on thunder which I give a 9/10 also because there basicly the same ride! then I got a lemonade and went on chaos! Then I went on canyon river rapids. I then went to eat lunch at taco bell and got two soft tacos a nacho and a medium coke for 5 bucks. I headed for music box way and went on cyclops the bumper cars and the pirate ship. Thers this ride with little space planes that you can control up and down. If you kept it at the bottom it plasterd you to the seat it was pretty cool! Then I rerode the bear and the sooperdooperlooper a few times. Then I rode the classic wooden coaster the comet. I give the comet a 7/10. I headed for the wildcat again. I went to lightning racers again and it started raining everybody in the front row left in lightning so we got the front seat 2 hours later.
Then we re- rode some rides. I went to a gift shop and bought lots of twizzlers for unfair price3s then left and had dinner at wendys. all in all a great day!

the great bear- 8 times
the sooperdooperlooper-32 times
comet-3 times
trailblazer-3 times
sidewinder- 1 time
wildcat- 2 times
lightning racer-lightning-3 times
thunder- 2 times ( I won every time!)
wild mouse- 3 times

I also went on the water slides!

It was a good day!

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Thursday, June 21, 2001 10:50 AM
FINALLY someone else who is not "afraid" to admit that they like the looper.

My wife and I were at Hershey on their opening weekend. While standing in line for the looper there was a light shower (no thunder or lightning though). When we were on the coaster, the light rain was continuing (later in the day when it was a heavier rain for about half an hour they shut all coasters down). I am not sure what it was... not sure if their off season maintenance did something to it, not sure if it was the wet tracks, not sure if it was cooler temperaturs, not sure if it was the phases of the moon, not sure what it was... but for what ever reason, the old looper was running faster than it had been in a long time... actually got thrown around quite a bit in the turn around after the loop. Even the trim breaks before the helix didn't really slow it down and it roared through the helix, giving the once customary (now very rare) sudden jolting stop at the end as it comes to a quick halt on the final break run.

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Thursday, June 21, 2001 8:52 PM
The Super Dooper Looper isn't bad, but if I owned Hershey I would seriously look at removing it for a future project. A single loop coaster just isn't as exciting these days.
Friday, June 22, 2001 5:47 AM
yes it is!

How are the purple berries ralph? They taste like burnding. - the simpsons
Friday, June 22, 2001 10:38 AM
its my first post!!
Monday, June 25, 2001 5:36 AM
I was there yestarday and couldn't believe that the longest line of the day was the comet. I'm suprised that they didn't trim wildcat yet, that thing seems super fast compared to other years. I don't think it's rough it's just real herky jerkey.

Lightning racer has got to be one of the smoothest coasters around. I don't know if it's the cars or what but that thing is like a b&m woody(if there was one).

Canyon river rapids just kills ya with the water. I don't know if it's me but they must have added some falls this year because I never remember getting so soaked on that thing. My shorts are still drying off.

I actually heard a guy at sfgadv a few weeks ago saying about how hershey is gonna take out looper and put in a standup. I thought it was a real bunch of b.s. I can't see why they would take out one of the original looping coasters. Plus how would they fit in a standup in it's footprint. Personally I love that ride and I would be really really dissappionted if they removed it.

It's nice to go to a clean park with friendly employees and a nice atmosphere. But think about hersheys competition. SFA,kennywood,dorney,sfgadv- They all have hypers and some sort of freefall attraction. I think it's time hershey gets something real big and fast.

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Monday, June 25, 2001 6:03 AM
Weird. I think I did see you in the park.

Sounds like you had fun. I thought sooperdooperlooper was, well, SooperDooper! Great Bear was awesome. Lighting Racer was great. You really can't have a bad time at the park.


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