Hershey Park. 6/13/02

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hey, I just got back from PA, and hershy Park, wasnt bad at all. I under estimated the rides there, The comet, very good classis Wooden coaster to me, the air time was great all the way to the end. The super Dooper looper, well from the cloudy and randow showers there was no lines. But this ride was I have to say weak, wasnt really exciting. The next ride I rode was the great bear, now let me tell you, I havent riden a B&M inverted coaster in awhile, I mean actually for 2 years, I cause I am from VA and the nearest B&M is 2 hours at BGW, but Wow the Great Breat was super, I love it, its short but fun, all the G's I have felt by far, that ride parks alot, into the immelmen. Just full of speed and power. After that we hit the Side winder good ride, pretty rough, just your normal Boomerang, then off to the Wild Cat, and man, I was shocked, I never knew about this ride, I truely under estimated its power, I rode this thing and the speed is non stop, the train fly over hills and its crazy, the lateral G's are insane. really good good ride. The next ride was the wild mouse, and on my list it is the best wild mouse I have ridden so far, the effects cause the first turns are so high up and have no supports I truely felt i was going to fly off, and the head chopper effects, very well built. Lightning Racer was next on our trail and I like this ride, its loud and fast with speed, also smooth. The cool thing though was that all day Thunder had been winning, and my lucky ride on Lightning, we pulled through the winners and broke the winning streak of thunder. Go Lightning. I noticed that I had pased trail blazer by accident so I went back to find it, but it was closed for matenice, so oh well, so to end the day I Rode great bear two more times,, 4 times total today, for me the front seat is the best. The weather I guess helped alot, we covered the park in 6 hours, plus the chocolate world tour. To me thats good time, and of couse I was not riding any water rides so Roller Soaker was out of the question but I'd ride it another day seems like its fun, people are crazy for going on those rides in such cool weather, its was too cool to get wet, they had to be freezing, especially those on tidal force, and let me say again that that ride is tall for a water ride. So my pick for today and at that park are great bear, The wild cat and lightning Racer, you dont want to miss these rides!!!
Great TR! Just use paragraphs next time, I think Lightning Racer is very underated.

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

I agree with Todd, I saw a show on the building of lightning racer and it looks awsome. Just not too tall.

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