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Friday, May 24, 2002 6:11 AM

I had tickets to the Green Day and Blink 182 concert that night so my dad my friend and I left at 11:00 and made the 2 hour drive to Hershey for our first trip of the season. We got to the park a little after one and took the tram to the park. The park didn't look to crowded but there was a least 60 busses parked. My dad wanted to tour Hershey World first so we headed over there. We walked right up and got on the ride.

Its a pretty cool ride seeing how they make chocolate but nothing spectacular. It was my friends first time on it and he enjoyed it. We ate at a cafe in the chocolate factory which was pretty good then we headed over to the actual park. We got in easily with our discount concert tickets and then we headed over to Great Bear.

We made the long annoying maze like trip to Great Bear and when we saw the line was 2 hour long we decided to go try Roller Soaker.

We were wondering why the park was so crowded but we figured it was because it was science day and about 60 schools were there and alot of kids skipped to go to the concert also. We found Roller Soaker and the line was 1.5 hours but we had to do it because it was the only coaster I never rode there. My dad sat this one out so my friend and I got in line.

We got sprinked on our way through the que and it felt good. We thought it would be pretty fun but then someone dumped there water on us in line and thats when it sucked. We finally got in the station after about 20 mins of us in line getting water dumped on us. In the station we were drying off and freezing even though it was a hot day. We got in line for the front seat and finally our turn came. One thing I already didn't like was that we could have rode sooner but Hershey decided to make the ques abou 5 feet wide so theres just a group of people waiting and who ever gets to the train fist gets on. We headed up the very fast lift hill and headed down the drop.The drop was pretty scary because it felt like you were gonna fall out. After that the ride sucked it was freezing and it hits you so hard with water it hurts. This is by far the worst coaster I have ever riden.

We got off and bought our on ride photos and boy did we look miserable. After that we went in the bathroom to change. We found my dad and headed over to Lightning Racer. The line was 10 mins for the Thunder side so we rode that. We got the second seat and it was as great as it always was. It was smooth and extremly crazy. The best wood I ever rode.

Next we headed over to Wild Mouse and waited 15 mins. The ride was good but not nearly as good as last year.

Finally we headed to Great Bear and waited an hour for the front. It was a smooth as glass coaster still and had awesome feet choppers like always. After that we left to go to the concert.

Overall it was a bad crowded day at Hershey and it makes me mad because it usually isn't. We also skipped some rides that were rough or boring like Wildcat,Sidewinder and Trailblazer. Don't get me wrong its a good park but just not today.

Saturday, May 25, 2002 8:59 PM
Good TR! Too bad about the crowds, and Roller Soasker, give it another shot when the line is short and the weather is warm.

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Sunday, May 26, 2002 8:02 AM
I was going to do that but I have no desire to ride again.

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