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I picked up my friend Mike at about 6:30AM and left straight from this house. We arrived at HERSHEYPARK at about 9:30 and went over and did the tour just to get free chocolate. On the tour ride when the picture was taken we put our hands up and pretended we where on a roller coaster, the lady that was handling the pictures gave us some very strange looks.

After we where done over there we headed over to the park. I got in line with my parents and my friend got into the line next to us to get our park tickets. We got though the line and we waited for 5 minutes for my friend. I walked a little ways and heard a security guard calling me over. I headed over for him and he asked me to pull my shirt up a little bit. What I forgot was I had my camera on my belt and it didn't look right lol. So we got on our way.

We did what I normally do when I get to the park; I walked over towards Lighting Racer. As we where walking farther that was the park was getting less and less crowed. By the time we got to lighten racer there was no line. My friend and I waited for the front seat and one train latter we where going up the lift for our first ride of the year. As soon as we crested the top it reminded me of why I like roller coasters so much...

After we got off the ride we proceeded to ride the coaster 1 more time. Then we decided to head towards Wild Cat but on the way we where going to see if we could get on he Wild Mouse. To my surprise the Wild Mouse was closed, so we headed for the Wild Cat. We rode the Wild Cat and it seemed smother then last year, I could see where they had the new wood.

After the Wild Cat we headed over for the Ferris wheel to get some good pictures. It was pretty cloudy so I was worried about the pictures coming out bad but after I uploaded them to my computer they look pretty good.

After this we headed over to see if it was warm enough to ride Roller Soaker. When we got there they had all the water off except for the hand ones that you shoot from the ground. So we decided not to ride it because it wouldn't be worth getting wet just for that.

By this time it was about time to eat so we headed to the Pizza place there. We got a pizza and watched the stupid people ride TidalWave and I got a great picture of the ride.

After this we headed towards Great Bear thinking that by the time we got there our food would have had some time to digest. On the way we walked by the SideWinder and said hey while we are here we will ride it. Only me and my friend wanted to go on it so soon after eating.

After the ride we headed down towards TrailBlazer. This is where it gets interesting. If you walked the path towards TrailBalzer by SideWinder’s loop and look to the right down that path you see where all the markers start. At the path there are orange, blue, and yellow markings on the ground with numbers. Across from that behind a small fence there was two line of flags spaced about 5 feet a part length and about 10 feet width by the TrailBlazer mid brake run. I assume that this would be for a station of a new ride. After seeing the markings we headed for the TrailBlazer to see what we could see from the ride. We got in line and waited for about 30 minutes because they where only running one train. We got on and as soon as we hit the lift we started to see a whole lot of markings. The markings were all over the TrialBlazer area. A lot of people will say that it is just for power lines or water line. I don't think so because there are just to many of them in the area for that. My personal feeling was that was my last ride on TrailBlazer and a new being for a new ride. Also the markers where surevey markers.

After we got off, we went to Great Bear and waited for about 20 min. The ride crew was pumping a lot of people though the ride. As soon as the one train hit the brake run the other train was leaving the station. We went up the lift and hit my favorite drop ever, just the way you have that twist and then the drop is great.

After we got off we headed for SooperDooperLooper for one of out 16 rides of the day. The ride still runs great!

After the ride we headed for something other than roller coasters so we went to the WaveSwinger. After the wave swinger we headed back to the Great Bear for another ride. It was about 4:00 by now. We then headed back over towards Lighting Racer and rode that two times. After the ride my sister wanted to go on the Music Express. That is a pretty boring ride because it doesn't go fast. After that we headed towards The Claw. This is a great flat ride that scared me stiff looking over the line upside down.

After that we headed for the Village People concert in the park because my mom wanted to see it. Me and my friend talked us out of going to it so we decided to go on the Great Bear once and then head for Comet. After those two rides we had about an hour left before we had to meet up with my parents so we went to the SooperDooperLooper. We rode once and then again and again. By the 5 ride we knew the one ride op by name and he new us by name. So he said that the unofficial park record for rides on it is 9 in an hour. So we said we could beat that and we did. We got 15 rides on it in a hour. After that we went to dinner.

Then we headed for Lighten Racer for another two rides. After that right before we left I wanted to stop for the train to see what other marking I could tell. I did see some more by the TrailBlazer area.

By now it was about 8:00PM and we went to leave... for the 3 hour ride home.

You can view the pictures at this address:


Here are links to the marker picture:
(I should also point out that I broke no park rules taking these pictures)
http://beyond-repair.net/hershey/IM001158.jpg (by the fence line)

I was not able to get a clear picture of the section that I think would be a station.

Matt Rydzik

Looks like you had a good time. :) I agree that the Great Bear has an awesome first drop. The footchopper gets me every time.

I've heard from several sources (no, not ride ops) that Hershey is getting a coaster, for sure, and after seeing the flags, there's not doubt about it anymore (in my mind).

By the way - how was the Comet running, as far as how heavy the brakes were applied?

"If we knew how safe roller coasters were, we'd lose their thrill" - Daniel Keller

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Nice trip report, but how could you pass up the Village People concert? To each his own I guess. lol. :)
Looks like you had a nice trip, how long did you have to wait to ride Claw?

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