Hershey Park 10/31 Tripe Report My 1st Storm Runner Ride!

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Hi All,

I headed out to Hershey Park yesterday about 2pm. Got there a little after 3pm. The Parking lot was pretty empty and I got to park right near the entrance. As we walked in you could buy a wrist band at the front gate for $21 and for $33 you can get the haunted harvest too. I just got the $21 wrist band. It cost $18 by itself to do the Haunted Harvest. THAT IS CRAZY!!!!Has anyone done it?

First target was Storm Runner. I've been waiting all summer for this. We got there and waited 3 trains and rode in the front row. Great coaster I love the lay out and all the elements. But honestly the restraint system sucks. It hurt my shoulders really bad. I rode Storm Runner 2 more times once in the middle and once in the back. I must say it was the best in the back. 8/10

Next we headed over to Comet. Walk on to the second row! It was running super fast and super smooth yesterday. I was blown away. 7/10

SuperDooperLooper was up next. Walk on to the front row. WOOOHOOOOO 5/10

The time came to some food. I bought a hot dog for $3.50 and later I noticed a place selling them for $2.50. Whats up with that?

Wild Cat was calling my name. I haven't ridden this bad boy in over a year. Was a walk on to the front row. This was also running super super fast. Was pretty smooth up until the end. I really enjoyed this ride except for one dip near the end were it totally tossed you into your lap bar. 8/10 I have some awesome photos of Wild Cat and the sunset if anyone wants to see them.

Lighting Racer was than begging for a ride. They were only running 1 train and it was the longest wait of the day, 15 Minutes. Front row is always the place to be for Lighting Racer. We rode Lighting and we won!! I love riding wooden Coaster at night. 9/10

Mouse Stew was a walk on so we jumped onto that. Your average Wild Mouse. My friend had never been on one before so she was pretty scared. 7/10.

Sidewinder was going to be ignored by me all day but there was no line so we hoped on it. HEADACHE. The extra padding they added on the restraints really doesn't do much. 4/10.

Great Bear was our last coaster of the day. Rode the back row with a 1 train wait. Was really fun and I love the drop on this coaster. Its just fun! 8/10.

We went over to Zoo of America. $4 for a flashlight. OK I'm cheap but you really can't do anything with out it. Walked around a bit in the dark and than left.

We rode some Flats as well as some other rides. Kissing Tower was neat and had a good night time view of the park. Turn Pike Cars was fun and scary. NOT. Was relaxing. We rode Giant Wheel one last time cause its being torn down and it was the last time it would be open. Enjoyed it and I wish I would have ridden it before. We did the monorail which was fun. I never rode the train before so we hoped on that it was interesting. Also went on the Chocolate Tour. I WANTED FREE CHOCOLATE!!!!!

All in all my $21 was well spent. I got to ride everything I wanted and didn't even have to wait in line. We had ridden all the coasters and it wasn't even 5:30pm yet. We ended up leaving about 8pm.

Park Rating 10/10 I would def go back to Hershey again.


Tripe? French trip report?

Dude, I think you had a little too much chocolate. Calm the heck down, geez.

Haunted Harvest didn't look like much. The only parts I saw from near Wildcat looked like a dance party with techno music playing, and racks of colored lights blinking on and off ...

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
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were there's guts all over the place?????

Main Entry: tripe
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French
Date: 14th century
1 : stomach tissue of a ruminant and especially of the ox used as food
2 : something poor, worthless, or offensive

Well obviously the latter part of that definition shows that Tripe is a very appropriate title for this report ...
Whatcha got against beef chitlins?
Beef? I was sure tripe was sheep...

lata, jeremy

--who has never eaten "Lamb Fries"

Ah... Tripe... good old PA Dutch cooking...

My grand father used to like that...

Tripe, Pickled Tounge, Pig Souse (what ever that was), Scrapple, Puddin' (NOT "Pudding")

Guess it wasn't that bad... he lived to be 87.

I've eaten tripe. In Honduras. It's nasty. I had to drink a whole glass of watermelon juice to get the taste of fat out of my mouth.

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Crash...did the Kissing Tower rotate at all when you rode it? My girlfriend doesn't like heights, but we did the tower anyway on our last visit...and it went straight up, and straight down, didn't rotate at all. Did it do that for you?

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Yes it rotated for a while. Rotated all the way up. Was at the top for about 2 minutes rotating than came back down.

Tripe=spelling error usually made by someone who doesn't spell check there thread title. Often used in Latin terms as crap I messed up and everyone will make fun of me.


Alsoh used by peeple who dont spell check THERE posts either ...
Shut up, Brett.


Ewe Shuht Up ... Tekno (why the heck do ya gotta already have a phonetically misspelled name? How's a man supposed to make fun of that? ;) )
LOL Brett. Are you calling Tekno a sheep? Plus there are many more ways to make fun of Techno other than his name :)

Antuan "just kiddin' with Clint cuz he's so fierce" Cordero

Fate is the path of least resistance.

Cordero? What kind of last name is that? Its almost as bad as that guy with Beavers as his last name...;)
So Mr Dam builder, you never heard the name before? You need to leave the ranch over there in West Virg sometime. . . . :)

Fate is the path of least resistance.

We don't believe in dem dar 'un-american' names;).

So, like, you are going to Solace, right Tuan? I mean, we gotta meet sometime.:)


Decisions decisions!!!

Fate is the path of least resistance.

Rio, for what, Carnivale?;)

Solace or Die! (having a P.Diddle Moment)

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