Hershey Park: 07/22/09

Carrie, I too am glad to see Storm Runner getting some love. I feel it is far superior to Fahrenheit, and the launch on that thing is shockingly powerful. It still remains in my top 10, or at least top 15.

Wildcat used to be a great ride. It is a shame what has happened to it...it is the most godawful painful thing now...I think the only thing I have ever ridden that was more painful was Hurler at KD.

Great Bear over Raptor? REALLY? I've gotta give you that GB has a great start, and I am a huge fan of barrel rolls (especially from the back where you can watch the whole train roll before you roll), but the end to Great Bear is so meandering and...straight. I wish they would have added some kind of element in there to keep this ride booking all the way to the end. I don't think they could have though because it is so wound in with the other tracks. Still, you can't get many more G's than that ending helix on Raptor...I dunno about this one. I think Great Bear is my third favorite after Raptor and Talon, but GB tends to surpass Talon when I get the odd opportunity to ride it. LOL

PA IS lucky to have some good wood, but I don't know that I would consider us lucky to have Comet OR Wildcat. Thunderhawk has been retracked somewhat (I think) because I recently got a GREAT ride on it. The end brakes are still unbelievably brutal though, and the bunny hops are so trimmed now that they are pretty much a waste. I have yet to ride Ravine Flyer II though, and I've heard that one is fantastic. Plus, Lightning Racer remains in my top 10 for sure. Hrmmmm...interesting...it DOES seem to be that we have some good ones left on our woodie roster.

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How is Comet neutered? (I loved it...my favorite woodie at Hershey.)



Some people believe that the mid course brakes slow the coaster too much for the second half of the ride.

Re: the layout of HP, agreed that the midways are way too narrow and meander horribly. Kinda like getting around in Boston on the converted cow paths. But the lack of grid design and broad ways contributes to the park's **CHARM**.

The hills, however, are downright brutal. Nothing charming about them.

Didn't that Pioneer Frontier area near the flyers really dead end years ago? Before they put the bridge over the railroad tracks?


Just to comment on the original post, I personally like the pre recorded announcements. While I can see how the personal touch of a ride op saying "welcome back how was your ride?" is cool in theory, last time I was at Cedar Point I was extremely irritated by the amount of ride ops that were so impressed by hearing themselves talk they wouldn't shut up!I don't have to pay to listen to a loud obnoxous person blabbing crap on a microphone. I could easily just tune in the local radio station!But not to be negative, other than that I loved CP!

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RatherGoodBear said:

Some people believe that the mid course brakes slow the coaster too much for the second half of the ride.

I'd like to think H.P. Schmeck would be among the aforementioned "some people". I know I am ;)

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