Hershey in the Dark, Friday the 13th

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It has been almost two years since I have last been to Hershey. Last Friday, I decided to change that and made a trip out there with a few friends. The park opened at 4, which was very nice, but because of a few delays, we didn't make it till 5. The park was still empty when we got there and remained like that for the entire night.

Parking was only $6, which was below the posted $8. Nice surprise. We ordered our tickets online, since our last ordeal at Hershey in the Spring was a mess. We made our way into the park and hit an old favorite, Comet. I really like this coaster, and I still love the friction brakes. The cold made it a little more tame and gave a little less air then I remember. We then went to SuperDooperLooper. Not much to say about it, but what happened to the tunnel at the last helix? How long has that been missing?

We then went to the Great Bear. I love this ride and think it is one of the most underrated coasters out there. Luckily this time it was not raining out, so the track lubricant did not get all over me. Riding in the dark really makes this ride shin, particularity on the last half of the ride.

We then decided to switch gears and go on a few flats. I really wanted to see how the Xtreme Cup Challenge was after hearing some not so good reviews. I enjoyed it for the most part. It moves very quickly and the lasers do not operate all of the time. You can see targets and such, but the lasers are not active, so you cannot shoot them. The candy at the end was much needed.

Storm Runner was next on the list, and with no lines, the front row was a wonderful option. This is the only rocket I have ever been on, and I love the power of the launch. The inline roll and dive (excuse the lack of knowledge of the name of the element) was a little painful for me against the shoulders. I'm glad I wasn't just a little taller, and the restraints were already a little tight.

We then went over into the "wood wonderland." There is just so much wood that comes into view when you enter this area of the park. Lightning Racer was running great and so was the Wildcat. The Wildcat had a lot more power then I remember which is a good thing. We then made our way to the Wild Mouse. The Wild Mouse is my personal favorite of its type. It was running a tad slow when I rode it, but it was still a blast.

I then stopped to take a look at the 2007 construction area and to grab a few pictures. I was surprised about how much work was done to the area. It seems like most of the land and plumbing is setup. The Waverider, Bayside Pier, and the Sandcastle Cove do not have any visible work done to them. The East Coast Waterworks looks to be about complete, and the Coastline Plunge has some work done to it. You can see the pictures here: http://www.coasterdom.com/2006/10/17/hersheypark-2007-construction-photos/

On the way out we decided to hit up the new tour ride. I really don't care for it compared to the last one. It has some of the old elements, but I don't understand the last room where it is just large projector screens. I also hate those singing cows as they are the most annoying thing at the park. My final complaint about the new tour ride is that they got rid of the train area with the scale model train yard, which was always my favorite part of the ride.

Overall I had a great time at Hershey and would defiantly do it again. The coasters were great, the price is great, and you just can't pass up the chance at zero crowds. *** Edited 10/18/2006 12:05:17 AM UTC by Coasterdom*** *** Edited 10/18/2006 12:05:51 AM UTC by Coasterdom***


Very nice TR and nice pics. I'm curious what that airplane feature at the top of the Waterworks is going to do. I don't think this area is going to take anything away from Midway America like some people feared.

Sounds like they're working on only one or two areas at a time. I noticed they have the walkway from LR over toward the Soaker totally closed off now.

they have a new tour ride? man, that stinks....i LOVED the old one, that was one of the highlights of going to Hersheypark in my opinion...

We then went to SuperDooperLooper. Not much to say about it, but what happened to the tunnel at the last helix? How long has that been missing?

I think forever.

The only tunnel that has ever been on the looper is the "mine shaft" on the turn near the coal cracker, before the track goes into that long "straight away" along the creek. The helix at the end has always been open.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
Friday nights at Hersheypark are always fun.

It's suprising to see the work on the water park. I would have thought more would be done by now, since it's a lot for one year (four water slides, two waveriders, two play structures, a smallish wave pool, tons of new games and food stands, a new entryway, etc). I know they were a little behind schedule on the day they announced it (they wanted to start erecting the water slide towers that day... but it took them a month to cut through limestone on the hill next to the Wild Mouse).

You would "defiantly" do it again? Just to spite the cows? :)

And yes, I never recall a tunnel at the end of SDL--helix has always been open, as far as I know.

One thing I wish they would change, however, is to remove that trim on Comet's second turnaround. This kills any good air that you might get near the end of the ride.

Great Bear is one of my fav inverts. It does seem to be underrated at times, but it's a great ride, even though the ending is weak. The ride is very unique, though.

Yea, I don't like the OSTRs on SR, either. I am fairly tall (almost 6'4"). I find if I ride defensively, I can enjoy myself better. Pushing out on those OSTR "straps" helps.

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I could of sworn there was a tunnel on that last helix, I guess not though. Or maybe it was a place that I thought would be great for a tunnel.

I was intrested in the plane as well. The logo for the new section has the plane in it and it looks great on the structure. I'm hoping that it does something, even if it just flies around in a circle above the area.


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