Hershey Frequent Faller?

You might be thinking about Tomb Raider: Firefall at Kings Dominion which is a Huss floorless Top Spin (not giant).
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^^^Although sledgehammer seems t=it would have forced negative g's when thrusting upwards, it is actually very easy on the body. A really nice feeling to be honest.

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PhantomTails - that is what I was thinking of. I thought it was a Giant Topspin, though.
I'm kind of glad the ride was never built, at least at Hershey. The capacity looked horrible and with the crowds Hershey gets that would of course translate to long lines for it. I also didn't like how they were planning to put it in Founder's Circle which would kind of ruin the look of the area and since it wasn't installed they put back one of my favorite flats from when I was younger,Starship America. I'd still like to see the ride built but at another park that was smaller where capacity wouldn't be as much of an issue.
For 3 million (and probably more by now) a smaller park could get a really nice small to medium sized woodie with more capacity than a frequent faller.
That could apply to any park. However, you're not considering the fact that by wishing to purchase a Frequent Faller, Hershey didn't want to simply add a new coaster, they wanted to add a *unique* coaster. If amusement parks were focused solely on pushing people through their rides as fast as they can, then they'd all have nothing but B&M speed coasters and GG woodies. However, uniqueness sells, and sometimes parks have to sacrifice capacity in order to bring a new experience to their park.
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Yeah .. I typically lean towards the any addition is a good one type of thinking. None of Hershey's rides with the exception of LR, really push people through that fast, so I don't think the capacity on Turbulence would have been that big of a deal. The location I thought was a good one for it. Remember the behemoth 130 ft. Giant Wheel stood in that same spot for years, greeting people as soon as they walked in.

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I've never had a problem with lines at Hershey- the ride ops are very efficient. If anything, Hershey's lines are long because the park attracts a huge crowd, especially on summer weekends.
as far as i know, the SledgeHammer at PCW is not a HUSS....its a Mondial, but feel free to correct me with proof, i might add... (though i do know Huss made a "Jump" model at one time, the one at SFGadv was freakin insane)
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Sorry Tim. ;)

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