Hershey Chocolate Tour- Who Made it

I searched online for who made the Hershey Chocolate Tour. I would also like to know who made the animatronics but I'm more curious with the ride system. I have never been on it but I have seen pictures. I am thinking the ride system is like journey into imagination with it's separated vehicles but I am probably wrong.
The ride system is exactly the same as the new Imagination. I believe that it is an Arrow product. No idea on the AAs though.

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I'm fairly certain that the "Omnimover" ride system was designed by Arrow in the early 70s. It's more reminiscent of the ride system that was used on the old World of Motion attraction that used to be at Epcot.

The scenes in the ride itself have been updated numerous times since Chocolate World opened. I thought that I read somewhere that Sally was involved in the latest update which added the singing cows, but not certain.

Both excellent questions. I'm 99% sure the ride system is an Arrow that's fairly similar to a number of Disney rides. As for the scenes, I have no idea.
System is indeed an Arrow product - the most recent (2006) redesign was done by Gary Goddard Entertainment.



Never Never waste your coaster time with Chocolate tour.. Never
Actually, Morgan developed it while working for Arrow, Scoobies Castle at Kings Island as well as Disney's Haunted mansion uses it. It is quite honestly a horizontal version of a 4d coaster using a rail to turn the cars.


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^^ Well I suggest doing it when the park is closed everybody loves free chocolate.

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^^^ Why not? It's actually a pretty cool ride and you get free candy at the end of the tour. There's hardly ever a wait for it so I don't see why it's not worth the fifteen minute investment, especially if you've never ridden it before.
I think coaster monkey is being sarcastic
Thanks everyone for the information. I thought arrow just roller coasters and who redesigned the ride. Besides Disney are there any places that use the omni system and are there any places that could make new omni systems.

On a side note here is an experience I had with omni movers. I worked at disney for six months and one of my favorite ride was space ship earth (besides the thrill rides). I remember it going down for an extensive rehab on July 9th and so I rode it one or two days before it closed. I rode it in the morning and it was one of the worst experiences I've had. The reason why because all ages ride the ride in the morning including people in wheel chairs. In tun it made everything in the ride not sync up due to all the slow downs of the ride. So now when I go to disney I will ride when no one is there which is usually at night.

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The ride is OK until that last room. It took me days to get that commercial jingle out of my head, lol.

"Hershey...the great American chocolate bar."

Oh, great...now I've done it.

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It's only slightly less catchy than "Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you, I'll have a Duff, You'll have one too!"


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Mmmmmmm....beeeeeeeeeeeeeer! ;)
Love "The Great American Chocolate Bar" jingle, they should bring it back. The folks in Hershey seem to have a knack for jingles in my opinion because I really like the parks Hersheypark In The Dark and Christmas In Hershey ones. Catchy little ditties. Of course who can forget "Hersheypark happy, Hersheypark glad...". Enough, I know!
Talk about an underrated jingle! That Hershey song is almost as good/bad as "It's A Small World"!
Don't you guys mean to say: The great Mexi-merican Chocolate Bar?

gary b
Anybody know more about this, Look in the GaryGoddard website then look in the project section. Then look in the In Devolpment section. See the Hershey Las Vegas. Seems to be some type of retail store with some type of ride going through the building.

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