Hershey Boardwalk? How is it effecting crowds?

Since it's opened, how are the crowds both in the waterpark and in the regular park affected?

From experience with Dorney having the free addmission waterpark the waterpark seems to be severely crowded on hot days while the rides park is usually a ghost town.

I know Hershey is generally pretty busy and crowded. Now with the waterpark included, how has it affected crowd distribution?

I'm assuming the waterpark is mobbed due to it's small size and the volume of Hersheyparks attendance. But is the rest of the park less crowded as a result, or is it about the same as it has been in previous years?

Just curious since I know it's been open for a few weeks now and didn't really see any reports. *** Edited 6/14/2007 10:44:10 PM UTC by scraperguy99***

I don't remember going to Hershey before this past weekend (I was too little), but the crowds were INSANE on Saturday (June 9th). Everywhere we went, there were mobs of people. I didn't think it was uncomfortably crowded, but there were definitely a LOT of people milling around. We commented on it several times.

However, the queues for all the rides (except Great Bear) were non-existent and none of the food stands had queues either. The water park seemed to have queues, but since we didn't do anything there, I couldn't tell you how long they were. From what I could tell, the park was a people eater. I was very impressed.

I was there on Sunday but actually didn't do that much riding. The most crowded areas were those where swim suits were permitted. The splash zone in front of Tidal Force was wall-to-wall people.

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