Hershey announced waterpark expansion

New wave pool, lazy river and cabana's.


Looks great! :)

Except you can only get a cabana if you stay at one of the resorts. They need a few for the general public, I would think.

Other than that little detail, it looks really neat. As long as the Boardwalk doesn't take over the park, that is...

The announcement said that construction will begin "soon." Since the lazy river will replace the current raft ride, does anyone know if the raft ride will remain open throughout this summer, or will the construction that begins "soon" cause it to close before the summer season is over?
Is it just me, or does anyone else here think that the Boardwalk area seems a little out of place? I recognize that a water park area is a big draw and a must-have for parks these days, but I prefer it when the water park is somewhat removed from the dry area of the park- KI is a good example. Boardwalk (and all of Midway America for that matter) seems kind of plunked down on what used to be a field.

I also recognize that Hershey has the need and the right to expand, and their space is limited. But I've always thought that half of Hersheypark is absolutely gorgeous, and the other half not so much. It's odd that Midway America and Boardwalk were developed with the idea of bringing charm and nostalgia back to the park and wound up looking just a step this side of a state fair midway.

I'm not much for raft rides as a rule, but I thought the one at Hersheypark was a good one. I don't know how long raft rides are expected to last before they become a pest, or if maybe ridership was down and it's time to let it go. But with it will go whats left of any mature trees and natural landscaping in that area for a big ole cement pond.

It must be worth it to them, though. I imagine insurance and risk involved with a wave pool is much higher than with a raft ride.

Having said all this, I'm not sure what I would've done to expand Hersheypark and add water were I the one in charge.

Whoops. Did I say charm?

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The concept art looks good, but I hate to see a very popular Intamin rapids ride (CRR) for "just another" wave pool...
I read somewhere that August 16 or 17 will be the last day for CRR.

As it is now, you can hardly see CRR with all of the mature trees around it, at least the front part of it. They will all soon be gone for cement and water.

As long as the Boardwalk doesn't take over the park, that is...

Say what you want... but I personally believe all of Midway America (including Wildcat and Lightning Racer) could eventually be taken over by the water attractions.

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You know, I at first though the waterpark was out of place, but once you actually go there and see how it is setup, it's done flawlessly. It fits in so well, executed perfectly.

I thought the same until I saw it but it really is a perfect fit for the park. Power to them!

"As it is now, you can hardly see CRR with all of the mature trees around it, at least the front part of it."

That is salt on the wound

sigh. this feels like geauga lake progress all over again. chocolate world will be thinned out with water *** Edited 7/11/2008 7:20:36 AM UTC by Rye.D.Ziner***

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