Hershey after Dark 10/25/03

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Hi All,

I headed out to Hershey this weekend with my 3 pals. We got to the park around 3pm. At first we had to weave through all the stroller and find a ticket both with out a line. We found it down by Super Booper Looper. After getting our bracelets for $19 we headed to Super Booper Looper.

Super Dooper Looper: We waited 3 trains and sat in the front. I was very impressed with the way Looper was running. Very fast and smooth. Really it was I am not lying I was like damn that was good. I'd give it and 8 out of 10. FYI nobody checked us for tickets or wrist bands.

Great Bear: We waited 4 trains and rode the last row. I was impressed. IT was running so fast and smooth also. Must be the weather! Great ride and would be our only ride on this today. :>( 9 out of 10.No check for wrist band

We headed to train Blazer and of course there was an hour long line and they where only running 1 train. BLAH! We skipped it and headed over to the best coaster in the park. Lighting Racer!

Lighting Racer: Waited 6 trains for front row of thunder and we loved every minute of it. Smooth and fast today. Its gotta be the weather. Got back in line and waited 6 trains for the front of Lighting. Once again anther excellent ride! Lighting Racer is a work of art and gets a 10 out of 10. No check for wrist bands.

Ferris Wheel: The ladies wanted to do the Ferris Wheel so we waited about 20 minutes and rode it. We got some good area shots of the park and with the sun setting it looked really pretty behind Wild Cat. Checked for wrist bands.

Next we hit the monorail. Its was a relaxing ride and its neat at night when the park is dark. It was funny. We were standing in line and people in front of us had 2 kids. They had to be around 10 years old. The dad was letting them climb to the top of the railing for the walk ways. It has to be a got 7 to 8 feet hight. I was like why is this girl sitting on top of this. Blah he was like dear please come down. Then she jumps the railing and goes into the exit line and starts swinging on the railings blocking people from exiting. People keep your kids under control before they hurt themselves or someone else. No check for wrist bands.

Comet-Comet always has a long line but its worth the wait. We waited 15 minutes and sat second to last row. What a fun fun ride. 7 out of 10. No check for wrist bands.

We head out of the park and hit the Chocolate tour. Boy is that fun. What a relaxing little journey to enjoy. 7 out of 10.

All and all the lines where not bad at all. The Crowds were large and people need to understand this isn't high school and you can't walk and then just stop in the middle of a crowded walkway. You wouldn't do that driving on the freeway so why do it here. The construction for the new coaster can be seen all over the area by Side Winder. I am so excited. This new coaster is going to be really sweet. I was kind of upset that Wild Cat was closed. I wish they leave it open these last 2 weekends and then close it.I noticed that only 1 time when getting on the Ferris wheel was I asked for tickets or wrist band. On no other ride was I checked. I was very disappointed.I saw people with out tickets or bands getting on. Kind of a let down on Hershey part. I'd give my trip to Hershey a 8 out of 10.

Also don't eat at Krieger's. They double charged my credit card for our order and charged the wrong 2 amounts. BASTARDS!


I was working that day at Skyview, and I was sorta surprised when people told me that I was the first person who was checking for wristbands.

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