Hershey 7/11-Rapids Video Problems

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On 7/11 I took my yearly trip to Hershey with two friends. I had a great time like always. The Claw was a good ride. I like it better than a Huss Frisbee. LR, Wildcat, and the Great Bear were all as fun as I remembered them. The lines weren't too bad (longer wait for GB than last year though). I had a great time!

We bought the Canyon Rapids video at the park. Today (7/12) when I went to watch it, I found out we got the video of a different group of people. The park got the videos mixed up, so we called Hershey to tell them about it. They said they'll give us free tickets to come back if they can't find the right video. I might be able to go back to the Sweetest Place On Earth again this year!
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What exactly is Canyon Rapids?

If its what I think (a river rapids ride), free tickets is pretty good. I woudlnt see Six Flags parks doing something like that.

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Maybe Deja Vu would be on this list if it would open!

It seems like Hershey is doing anything and everything to keep people coming back... I'm glad they are though, because HP is an excellent park, and more people need to see it for themselves.

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It was fairly dead as far as Hershey goes on a Thursday in July (I was there the day before). When you can walk onto Great Bear at 9:45 at night, you know something is different this year. I too am very glad they added The Claw.
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I think Sixflags would give you tickets to come back for free. I think alot of people under estimate sixflags in general. I called them up about a month ago to make some suggestions in reference to queue line shade etc. Mainly because it was too hot to wait in line, and a lot of people where getting sick, and passing out while in line for most of the major coasters that day. So the person I suppose in charge of the suggestions called me back.

I couldn't believe my ears when my sister screamed at me at nine am to wake up because Great Adventure was on the phone. The nice women I spoke with told me she that they are very grateful for all comments by any park guest. She told me that my comments in general where great ideas, and that she was going to pass them along as a future option the park will take into consideration.

She then asked me if I was the person she looked up with a season pass with them going on five seasons, and she sent me 4 coupons to get friends in for $10 any time during the 2003 season. I have them, and I am yet to use them because no one wants to go, but it was a great gesture. It totally changed my outlook on any Sixflags park. I feel they are trying, but sometimes people think they are not because they might not see it.

All the times I have had problems at Great Adventure they have been great about it. Now sixflags America is a different story because I had a situation along with 100 other people wanting to ride Batwing yet the station was open, but the ride was closed. Who knows? Back to the topic that's great for Hershey Park to do that . Odds are they might not find your video, so have another trip to the "Sweetest Place on Earth"

I've got to say, I was very impressed with Hersheypark this year when I was there for the GOCC event in May. Everyone at the park from public relations right down to the ride op's were friendly. The park wasn't too crowded that day and ALL the coasters were running well. I forgot how much I liked The Great Bear. That ride has aged well since it was built.

The best part of the day came in the evening with our scheduled ride time on Lightning Racers. I can't believe only 44 people registered for this event because Hershey ran all 4 trains on the coaster for that hour. They even shut the racing lights off for awhile so we could ride in darkness. Nobody had to get out of there seats, and would only do so to switch sides or ride with different friends.

When it was all said and done at 11:30pm, the guest relations people who were present all day for us, asked if we all had enjoyed ourselves and then walked the group out a side gate by Wildcat into the parking lot. There they had a parking lot tram waiting that drove us all back to our cars. What a classy way to end a day at Hershey.

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Today the park called to tell us they are sending us the free tickets!

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