Hershey 5/4/07

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I got to the park around 4:30, and saw a lot of busses. I realized there was something going on in the stadium, and I was walking to the park tons of groups in teh same color shirts were leaving :)!

Figured I'd make a quick stop at nathans for a hot dog and fries, Big mistake. They said the register was broke and couldn't give me my 15% season pass discount, my hot dog bun was cover in black grease from the grill...disgusting.

Then it was off to Wildcat. When we got there they had a train sitting on the break run, and an empty in station. The ride op said they were waiting for maintence, and didn't know how long til we were running again. Most people left, but we waited and only had 2 people in front of us for front row seats. only 2-3 mins til maintence got there. It appeared to be nothing major as the presses 3 buttons on the controls, then heckeled the ride op and told her a test run was not needed. WOW is all I can say. For the first time ever I re-rode the wildcat. It is now one of my fav coasters. They saved it from doom.

After WC it was off to the Lightning racers. It was walk-on and fun as usual. After a stop by the wild mouse, it was off to Storm Runner.

Storm Runner to my disapointment had only one train running and the line was filling the first set of switchbacks. I cannot understand the logic in this? So I skipped SR to make the most of my time. With a season pass, I'll be back...probably sunday!

It was off to one of my all time favs...the Great Bear. God did I miss it, amazing as usual. two trains running and only about a 5-7 min wait for fron seat! Rode it twice.

Then to SooperDooperLooper, not that I think its great, but seeing how it is always walk-on and its legacy, I always ride it atleast once.

After that it was off to Comet. Was going to ride fron seat, but it was only one train and slow dispatch times. I have never operated a coaster, but it seems weird to me that they need three people at the controls, and only one person checking the lap bars.. And also I could tell that these two people were not going to pair up. This old guy was avoiding the mid 20's guy like he was the devil, and kept his back turned until the train was gone. As funny as it was, it pissed me off because there was no reason they couldn't of paired up instead of makin people wait longer.

Next it was a long haul, but with 35 min til close I wanted more Wildcat. On my way I passed an employe walking along smoking. So much for the smoking shacks huh? When I got to WC it was closed, with a train stuck out on the break run again. I was sad, but figured I would end the day on LR

The green train won EVERY time. It would of been nice to alternate a little. We rode LR 3 times til close. The first time on the green train, but the two 16/17 y/o ride ops (1 boy, 1 girl) were 'flirting' and racing to get to the back of the train and check everyboys lap bar. Two problems I had with this. One, when I rode the last 2 rides on the red train, the op pulled up on my lap bar to make sure it was locked, like every other person does. The flirting couple on the green train just pushed on it, which brings me to complaint number 2... getting a lap bar shoved into my gut buy a love struck boy trying to beat his new girlfriend. I don't wanna sound like a spoiled sport, but OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said we rode LR two more time...but on the red side, and we watched them and they did the same 'race' over on the green side every time.

All in All a good day. A little disapointe dwith SR only running one train, but I took advantage of other opertunities!

gary b
I hope this one train operation on Comet isn't a new standard and they had a reason for it. Even on days the park is dead, it has a line and I think it's a coaster that almost always needs 2 trains running. Same with Storm Runner.
As much as I love skid brakes... it'd be nice if they could put in friction or magnetic and add a 3rd train. I'd imagine the ride is long enough to make a 3rd train feasible, provided the crew was decent. This is always the longest line in the park.

The most important question of all... is the Wildcat brake run squeak gone?!? I realize the changing of trains wouldn't affect it, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I myself was wondering the same thing, and the answer is no, it still makes that terrible sqeeking grinding noise. But if you ask me, I don't mind, it's part of the experience

gary b

I was back at the park today, 5/6/07.

What a day! I got there at 5.30pm, and the park closed at 8pm. I rode Comet twice, SDL once, Great Bear 3 times all in front seat (one ride was walk-on for the front!) Storm runner 3 times, Wildcat 2 times and LR once! All that... 12 coaster rides in 2.5 hours, not too shabby.
Comet, Wildcat, SDL, Great Bear, and Storm Runner were all running 2 trains, and were walk-on the whole time. LR only had one train on each side...but was still a walk-on.
If I knew the park was that dead, I would of been there sooner. Don't know what was wrong, but sidewinder was down the whole time I was there. Maybe mechanical or maybe lack of interest?

gary b
I'm still waiting for a flock of turkeys to land near the Wildcat brake run sometime. But then who knew that turkeys can't fly? *** Edited 5/8/2007 2:39:48 AM UTC by RatherGoodBear***
I seen The Sidewinder breakdown on my visit on 5/4/07. I was waiting in line for Storm Runner at the time. It got stuck on the brakes with most of the train stopped on Lift #1 with people in it. By the time I got off SR they had it back in the station, and I didn't see it reopen while I was there that day. I left around 5pm. I am thinking it is probably still down from that incident.

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