Hershey- A sweet and sour day

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I will save the report from being long. Ill just go into the sweet and sour.


Lightning Racer- great woodie with some nice fly-bys and the tunnel, i believe the hype. Plus yes the lightning one.

Roller Soaker- Surprise and lots of fun. The factor of receiving and dishing out punishment makes this one fun.

Comet- Not the greatest ride in the world, but experience was nice. Had a first timer while in line, absolutely loved his first coaster by the way. Also me and my mom gave up our seat for a disabled kid, always feel good to do something nice and also see that they enjoy such things. Great pops of air and a nice scenic view of the putrid water.

Stormrunner- Amazing launch good elements. The only thing bad was the OTSR creeping into me a bit on the decent off the top hat. Also great hand chopper underneath the monorail.

SuperDooperlooper- This one got something in me excited. Good compact loops and a nice layout. Only thing was the breaking. I liked the end rushing through the tunnel type enclosure.


First off the ops were less than excited just doing their job i guess, but no excitement nothing was really said on microphone systems and all that. Although the one lady working the shop before the main gate was very nice and told us her picks for good rides.

Great Bear- Something about this ride was off. Maybe the ground level beginning to start. the pacing was a bit wierd because of way too many straight sections of track. Immelman was nice and the zero-g that followed but it was awkward after that.

Sidewinder- A boomerang if you ride one the experience is just about the same on any of them to me, even though i have only rode one other one.

TrailBlazer- A decent mine train only part that had the feel was the end and it ran into the station. Although the helix was good, also what is with houses outside of the ride across the street way more noticeable here than on SR.

Wildcat- heard alot of mixed reviews on this one. I will say this has an awesome layout, but it is starting to age kinda harsh. it has its rough spots and the seatbelt was rough on my skinny frame when i got pushed up outta the seat for a pop of air. It is wild though.

Wild Mouse- Once again rode a similar one at Dorney didnt do much for me, so why bother.

unfortunately no flats to speak of that i rode. it was rather crowded when i went and i didnt have much time because i had a six hour trek back because i had to work the following morning.

Chocolate is nice and so was chocolate world, the whole reason this whole area was started. It is a nice side attraction, but the candy is priced the same as anywhere else. Found some new twizzlers though which i think was something worth nothing.

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

What a coincidence that I'm having Chinese food while I read this "sweet and sour" report.

Looks like you're evenly split-- although I think it's a bit harsh to be sour on two coasters just because they're the same/similar ride as something you already rode in another park.

GB does have only one element after the zero-G, but part of the problem there I think is a lack of room. Once it passes the Comet Hollow midway, it's hemmed in between SDL, the creek and the property line. I always thought they did a good job of fitting it in among everything else that was already there.

I'm not sure whether to say "glad you had a sweet time" or "sorry you had a sour time." Maybe it was a semi-sweet trip. :)

when'd u go to Hershey?

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Ok i get the fact that when i rode coasters that are similar i just didnt get the idea that they would be almost identical, there were some subtle differences.

Sidewinder was better than headspin, but not all that much, anyway at least the theming was better and all.

The wild mouse was better on hitting the sharp turns. it was almost exactly the same as the one at dorney though.

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

Considering that...

Sidewinder and HeadSpin are both the same model coaster...


Hershey's and Dorney's Wild Mice are both the same style coasters from the same design firm (though different manufacturers) with practically the same dimentisons...

I would expect them to be almost identical. It would actually be more surprising if there were any major differences.

Considering Hershey installed Sidewinder in 1991 and Geauga Lake installed Headspin in 1996, and that Hershey's Wild Mouse predates Dorney's Mouse by a year, I would hardly give Hershey a "sour" by its comparrison to those two.

Then again, it could be a simple fact of human nature... we compare everything else to something we experience first, be it coasters, movies and remakes, songs and remakes, etc.

For instance, Hershey's Sidewinder was the first Vekoma Boomerang I rode and its Wild Mouse was the first modern mouse I encountered, so I do the exact opposite... I think Dorney's mouse is a pale comparrison to Hershey's... and Sidewinder is hands down my favorite when compared to (the painful) Headspin. And it is not a loyalty to a certain park either. I rode Dorney's hyper Steel Force in 2001 and I will take that hands down over CP's Magnum which I rode for the first time this year. Had I encountered Magnum before Steel Force, my preference would probably be the otherway around.

I love Hershey to death, I still do...I've been going there since I was a fetus...but my last visit was...ehh. I agree about the ride operators, but just some. It's been a while since I've been there (I've lived on the west coast for about 3 years before moving back to PA), and I just visited today, and I have to say, there are some things that I found myself really picking at. They got rid of a lot of rides that have been there for a long time, and that kind of iffed me a bit. Plus it just seems to get more crowded every year, but maybe that's just me.

Nonetheless, I love the park. But yeah, I agree w/ you.

"May the Millennium Force be with you!"
I will agree about the crowds... some times it can be very empty... but other times you can hardly turn around with out tripping over someone.

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