Herschend to tour Halo themed pop-up park

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Halo: Outpost Discovery is scheduled to run for a single weekend in each city, where it will feature a real-life Halo Ring and Warthog (sounds like it's not actually drive-able, by the way), a laser tag arena, escape room, VR and simulation stations loaded with Halo experiences, and panels to attend. The Halo Ring attraction is a dome-projection experience, and there are esports and kid-friendly activities as well, according to designers. The whole thing is being planned in partnership with Dollywood operator Herschend Live.

Read more and see video from Engadget.

Oddly (or maybe not), an ad or a promo for this exact thing popped up on my FB this morning. I didn’t click, as I really wasn’t interested, or more like didn’t know what it was. Looks like I didn’t have to.

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Halo is a really good science fiction property, for having originated in a video game. I think Microsoft has dropped the ball in letting it kind of languish for the last few years. There's a great story line behind the games.

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