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Sidewinder: closed all day

Trailblazer: kept getting stuck on the midcourse brakes, they would get it back to the station, test it a few times empty, put people in, and it'd get stuck again. I believe it was a 1 train op, and the line was at least an hour.

Comet: 2 train op, running excellent, 15-60 minute wait

Great Bear: 2 train op, running fast, 15-60 minute wait

Lightning Racer: 4 train op, line was usually 5-10 minutes, though at one point in the day it was at least 30 minutes

Wildcat: 2 train op, anywhere from 20-80 minute wait, running fast and furious

Wild Mouse: not running as good as usual, 20-60 minute wait

Sooperdooperlooper: 2 train op, running quite excellent, 10-60 minute wait

Storm Runner: 2 train op, 60+ minute wait all day, a few small breakdowns, and 2 major breakdowns, resulting in closing the line, the one involved a train with 3 cars in the station, and 2 cars sticking out of the back of the station, after 30+ minutes, they walked the people in the last two cars off the ride

Storm Runner review: FAST, having been on Xcelerator and XLC, i was expecting this to be the weakest launch, but it seemed to be the best of the three. Standup airtime all the way down the 180 foot drop, and nice hangtime in the inversions. I was completely stapled and never imagined getting airtime, but I still did. It truly takes a good coaster to give loads of airtime even when stapled. Suggestion: don't ride with your hands up the entire time, it hurts your shoulders very much, put them down after the launch. I found that I had to hold onto the restraints a certain way to prevent headbanging (the way that they show you not to hold the restraints in the safety photos). 9/10

Hershey's midways don't handle crowds too well. In the tidal force area, you couldn't even walk. The crowds were unbelievable. If HP does add a waterpark in the next year or two, it'll help a great deal.

The park was emitting a horrible trash/vomit/human waste smell all day, anywhere you went in the park (no, it wasn't me).

Hersheypark Happy: coasters/rides

Hersheypark unhappy: too crowded/smelled awful

Overall: unhappy... my #1 park is slipping out of its place

You know... I am not a water park fan... I would rather see limited space (or expansion) be used for coasters and flats etc... HOWEVER...

Seeing how HP has been jammed packed this latter part of summer, perhaps a water park is not a bad idea. Relieve some of the crowd in the amusement park.

After all, one of the best time to visit Dorney Park is on a really hot day. Water park is packed, amusement park is tolerable.

Could the same thing happen at HP with a waterpark?

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I visited the park last night and thought Storm Runner was AMAZING. Every ride I went on was a walk-on or wait in the station, except Storm Runner with a 35 minute wait and Great Bear with a 10 minute wait.

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I agree that the midways are way too small and complex, I kept getting lost.

I didn't have a smell problem though. I actually liked the smell of choclate roaming the park.

Glad you enjoyed Storm Runner and I couldn't agree more with the restraint banging. I had bruises from the OTSR.

I also agree that riding the exact way they tell you not too (why?) is the best. I put my hands up and I'm decently tall and my shoulders got a little bruised in the trick track and sidewinder. Wonder why Sidewinder was closed, it's a decent ride and had no line when I went. I also agree that the crowds are horrible in those midways. People were just congregating by Tidal Force, too bad none went to L.R., giving my walk ons all day :)
It wasnt anywhere near that crowded when I was there in early July...

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I just rode Storm Runner for the first time last week, and loved the ride. However, I did hold my arms up each of my 5 times on the ride, and it really killed my shoulders over the course of the two days I was there. It was a blast to ride it that way, but the resulting bruises on my shoulders were not so cool. I think I will not have my arms up through the inversions next time I ride it.

BTW, the park had hardly any people at all when we went last week. But I think the difference has a lot to do with schools starting up again last week. The largest demographic there was families with young children and strollers. We fit right in with our stroller! :)

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