Help with trip to HW, SFKK

Thursday, January 30, 2003 6:47 PM
I am looking at taking a trip to Holiday World, SFKK, and possibly PKI. I am wondering about some cheap places to stay around these areas and any other tips. I am probably looking at early-mid June.


Thursday, January 30, 2003 6:49 PM
Don't know about SFKK or HW but PKI has plenty of cheep hotels in the area of the park. Holiday Inn is a nice one.
Friday, January 31, 2003 8:28 AM
Any state parks or anything similar in these areas?
Friday, January 31, 2003 8:37 AM
I think Winton Woods in Cincinnati has camping sites. I'm not sure so you may want to call. Winton Woods is a Hamilton County Park. Take I-275 to Winton Road (North side of the outter belt). Head South. It will pass the park a few miles off of the interstate. It's a huge park, and you can't miss it. Or you could just camp at KI's campground. The park is about 20 minutes away from Kings Island

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Friday, January 31, 2003 9:19 AM
There is a Red Roof for only $35 south of PKI on I-71. Plus, they had discount coupons if you stayed (I think $10). We did HW and SFKK in one day. Why? SFKK was not worth another penny and HW was worth every mile on the car! But, you can find lodging anywhere near either place for cheap (If $40 is cheap for you).....if not, head over to the "Sleeping in the car" thread, where it's free!
Overall, you will have a great trip, 2 of the 3 are class parks. SFKK has potential. BTW: It is my opinion, but others have different views. Take it lightly and just have fun.
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Friday, January 31, 2003 9:29 AM
I would stay near HW the first night and then travel down to SFKK for a half day, The park is pretty good early on but when the crowds hit SFKK sux as all the rides are low capasity or running at low capasity. About midday, Take the three hour drive up to PKI area and find your place. and spend the evening and next day there.

HW has a campground right next door but there are a few state parks around it too. A couple Hamilton County parks have campgrounds too as mentioned above and PKI has a campground. Both PKI's and HW's campground are not cheap (Expecially for one person) But the convinence may be well worth it.

Chuck, who also mentions some $30 hotels in the sharonville area about 10 miles SW of PKI. (Econolodge, Motel 6, Super 8)

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