Help plan my trip to Kings Island

Only two adults planning to go on April 20th. We will be arriving Sat the 19th. Does anyone have any recommendations a nice place to stay that is clean, close and good value?

I know it's the beginning of the season and there are some new shows, but I'd love some advice on other not to be missed attractions at the park or in the area around the park (something to do Sat evening). This is the first time I will be going there since I was really small. So I'll take all the help I can get! Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!

Only thing I can help you with is the park, my suggestions for rides that may not be on your list:

-Scooby Doo: Sally shoot up dark ride

-Avatar: Diskoesque flat ride, be sure to request a row closest to the edge of the car

-Shake Rattle and Roll: Troika, Im a sucker for them

-Delirium: Giant Frisbee, loads of fun

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Are you a man and a woman, a man and a man or a woman and a woman? It will drastically change my reccomendation.
^^Yikes!!! That sounds like a strip club situation for your recommendation!

Man and Woman
There are plenty of attractively-priced hotels and motels within a couple of miles of the place.

Not cheap -- but not expensive, either -- is the Kings Island Resort across the street. They have regular shuttles to and from the park that leave every 30 minutes. The per night rates can get pretty high, especially in season, but they offer packages that bundle park tickets in with your stay.

It's the inn made famous by the Brady Bunch episode filmed when Kings Island first opened.

The Great Wolf Lodge that opened two years ago would be the only more convenient place to stay, but I doubt you want to pay that much unless you're bringing kids or really into indoor waterparks.

Surprisingly, a place we found out of desperation at 3 a.m. for BeastBuzz 06' called The Budget Inn in historic Lebanon, OH (about fifteen minutes from the park) is nice, a good value, and clean. They also take Triple AAA.

Family owned, the rooms look more like a bedroom in a home than they do a stereotypical motel room. The two rooms we've stayed in ((we stayed there again this year) have also been spacious which is nice after a long week of tighter quarters in 06'.

We were referred there after The Knight's Inn (closer to I-71) was booked in 06'. That's another place that you might want to check into, although I can't vouch for any of the things you are asking for.

There's also a really nice looking inn/restaurant in Lebanon called The Golden Lamb about a block away from The Budget Inn that is highly recommended.

The park

As for the park, one thing I highly recommend is the buffet located near the Nickelodeon section of the park. For $12.95 or so, they have a plethora of food, and it's a much better better value than out on the midway where the food prices are quite high.

I don't have any ride recommendations per se, but one to avoid if the line is long is The Crypt (formerly Tomb Raider the Ride). Sure, it's the only Giant Top Spin, but due to the braking action needed to stop the heavy gondola, the actions are quite stiff and not very thrilling compared to a regular Top Spin.

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As for some (brief) ride recommendations, I would try riding Firehawk first as lines for that can be long due to the bad capacity, and right after that do Flight of Fear since the lines for that then should also be short and it's right next to Firehawk.

Otherwise, do NOT ride Face/Off (i.e. Invertigo) if the line is long since this line can vary wildly throughout the day and short lines will exist at some point (like dinner time), and no matter how long the Vortex line will seem, it's definitely a people eater and you'll be in the station w/i 15 mins no matter what!!

I guess lastly, for KI's Giant Frisbee (Delirium) sitting facing towards Son of Beast will put you looking down at the highest swing apex, and facing the other way puts you looking up at the hightest point.

Also, opening day operations last year under Cedar Fair were kind of bad w/ a lot of ride downtimes, so I dunno if that's a CF thing or not?? But if you're getting a season pass or platinum pass then get that processed on Saturday if you can.

However, I thought the shows were not starting until daily operations?

Try the Ramada (they allegedly have a good breakfast bar) at Mason/Montgomery Rd. Its about 5 miles from the park. I was able to get a hotel room there for just over $50.00. As for the other things....I completely agree with hitting Firehawk and Flight of Fear first. Almost everything else has a decent wait time (under 30 mins). I would also recommend hitting a Graters Ice Cream and Skyline Chili outside of the park. You can find these Cincinnati staples at every exit near the park. You can get a good breakfast at Perkins. If you do not have a CF Platinum pass check out the KI site and get the discounted tickets for admission.
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