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Well, I have to say thanks! I am getting a great collection of examples. Right now its looks like the top three are: Cannonball - Lake Winnie, Judge Roy Scream - Six Flags over Texas, and Starliner - Cypress Gardens. These three seem to have great airtime, simple layouts, and would provide a stunning visual backdrop.

I am interesting in hearing about these three coasters more. Searching youtube there are a few movies of each ride, but I would like to hear it from the enthusiast crowd. What is great about the ride? How is the airtime? What (if there are any) negatives are the about the ride? The more information the better! Thanks again!!

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^They're all solid John Allen, fast, and very smooth when maintained well. All would be considered "out-n-backs" as opposed to twister-style woodies. The airtime isn't as strong as a similarly-sized John Miller ride, but they all have good "floater" air.

The only downside (other than lack of ejector, LOL) is that those who favor lateral sensations won't find any on these rides due to their layouts.

Running John Allens in existence:

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Judge Roy is an Allen?

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Judge is a Cobb (according to RCDB).
I forgot about me liking Starliner. Yes, I would say that. Starliner first 2 drops have airtime. Than you have a curve, and the airtime kind of settles down for me, and than there is another airtime during it. It's a real fun ride though in my opinion. It's just not airtime all the time.

For Judge Roy Scream, it's not a pounding you into the tracks type of ride. It's not a kids ride, but it's not a real forceful ride like other wooden coasters in my opinion.

As in regards to forceful rides of wooden coasters (whatever type): I would say that these would be the order: 1) Little Dipper 2) Judge Roy Scream 3) Great American Scream Machine / Screamin' Eagle 4) Georgia Cyclone / Gwazi 5) The Boss / Texas Giant

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^^ & ^^^ Wow. I'm impressed/surprised.

First, Judge Roy just *felt* so Allen-ish. Second, I didn't think Cobb/Rosser could do anything right... <--- mostly kidding, I actually blame GAdv for RT running so poopy...

When I saw the title, my first thought was I didn't know one was lost. Did you put up posters around town? Look on the sides of milk cartons?

Just kidding with you, phoenixphan. :)

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