I am getting married on the phoenix on july 1 at Knoebels. From there we want to do a honeymoon tour. That night I want to hit Hershey and stay there. From there it's off to my first trip ever to Kennywood. We want to end up at Cedar point, any where between or close to between kennywood and cedar point I should look at?

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^What they said. ;)

Don't forget to stop by Lakemont, Del Grosso's on your way to Idlewild, before you get to Kennywood. Lakemont/Del's can be done within a day. I would recommend spending at least a whole day at Idlewild. :)

Live it up! Congrats on your marriage!

As far as the parks between KW and CP you can travel slightly North to Cleveland and hit Memphis Kiddy Park and Geauga Lake.

If you are into rock music, I would HIGHLY recommend the R&R Hall of Fame. :-) It's an amusement all in itself. :-P


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Thats a Sweet website
Conneaut and Waldameer aren't too far out of the way either.

BTW, if it means free rides, I'm available if you need a ring bearer, minister, etc.

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