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Does anybody know if hellevator at six flags kentucky kingdom is working and is it a fun ride?
It's a Six Flags park... who knows what will be working when.
Is it a good ride?
I've never been on it. ;)
I wonder if Shapiro will rebrand it to Superman Tower of Power. Use the character and get rid of the not so family-friendly name.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

From what I remember it's pretty sweet ride. I'm not huge on the 12-16 seat towers, (I like 50 seaters like Dropzone). I do remember that it felt a bit out of control, but fun still. There was no real sign as to when it was going to drop, which also made it pretty awesome too.
How many new threads are you going to start tonight?
^ Who cares. They can't be as bad as Sirchubs' threads. ;)
It's getting close. ;)
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I would really be quite bummed if they chang'e' the name, *Hellevator* is what I called all shots/drops when I first started getting into the hobby and didn't know all the fancy jargon/technical aspects. It's an awesome name, and has YET to be surpassed by another moniker.

Am I mistaken, or was Hellevator the original Intamin second-gen drop ride?

I've been to the park several times throughout the past couple years and I've never ridden Hellevator, everytime it has been down.


Yes, SFKK's Hellevator was the first Intamin second generation free fall.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

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It was open the other day when I went, but they never have all the cars going. And yes, it's a very fun ride. Not as tall, but almost as intense as Drop Zone.
I think Hellevator has to be the most retro name for a drop ride.

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