Height requirements at Cedar Point question

My daughter will be 47 1/2" by the time I go to CP in August. My question is: Are the height sticks a true 48" in shoes or are they higher. The website says 48" in shoes but I come from Florida where the sticks in Disney are much higher than the posted requirement. I will not use any aids in helping her make the requirement but at 48 1/2" in shoes, will that make the cut at CP (and PKI for that matter)?
Yes, it will be fine. I have yet to see a ride-op remove the shoes of someone to make sure they were the correct height.
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I think you're OK with shoes, but don't stuff them. I saw some kid clearly stuffed with shoe inserts, and the woman at the Town Hall Museum who measures for wrist bands (so you don't have to be measured all of the time) spotted the kid from a mile away.

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Put toilet paper in the shoes.
As a ride-op at CP, I would not do it. I've caught countless people trying to do that for Snake, and that has caused many incidents where Sup's have been called, and they have had either their wristband cut, or sometimes worse. I would go to a doctor and have her measured with shoes to ensure she is at least 48 inches. BTW - if you ride Snake River Falls with her, and she is only tall enough with her shoes, she will HAVE to wear her shoes to ride. Even though it may be just a 1/4 of an inch, safety is no accident.
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There must be a grey area where you can get away wih it. But, remember kids, Safety rules are there for a reason! You don't want you fun-day ending in disaster!
I used to work at the Point, and I never had wristbands to cut. Explain. If you are referring to the band kids get so they do not have to be measured, I get it.
I took my family to Cedar Point last year (and will make the trip again this year from NC!). My daughter was 48.25" in shoes. She was measured consistently (we didn't get the wristband) but never had to take her shoes off. She got to ride all the 48" rides, including Magnum.

However, at the Wildcat, (a wild mouse of all rides), we saw a ride op make a kid take his shoes off. He was about 1/8" shy. I started saying "let him ride" and others joined in. A supervisor was called in, let him put his shoes back on, and measured him. He got to ride.

I know safety is the first priority. I know there has to be a cutoff. I believe the cutoff should be 1/4" below the posted height requirement, to allow a little flexibilty on the platform (PR at its best).

Good luck "the thrill"... I don't think you will have any problems. BTW, my son was 52.5" (in shoes) last summer, and is 53.5" now. Do you think he will make MF's 54" cutoff in June?

Add Kennywood to your trip if you can!
Shouldn't matter; this year, according to the Official Website, Millennium Force will have a 48" height requirement. Raptor and Mantis, on the other hand, are still 54".

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Interesting. Last year after MF opened, a ride op not only forced a young girl to take her shoes off, but to also let her hair down. She was wearing her hair in a french braid. And the silver bar kept hitting the top of her braid. To make a long story short, the ride op forced the young girl out of line, and told her to go to the Town Hall to receive an official measurement. Needless to say, her father quite upset for the simple fact she had been in line for almost an hour waiting for the ride to open. Still wondering what ever happened with her.

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From what I know from past readings at amusement parks these height requirements are based on people in shoes. There is no reason why a ride op should tell a person to take their shoes off to be measured. They include shoes because that is what the person is wearing when they board. It is not supposed to be a doctors visit.

We went to Kennywood this past summer and my five year old was able to ride Jackrabbit and Racer.when we went to S.F.O. he couldnt ride any of the big coasters.The big Dipper and Raging wolf bobs are not more intense than Jackrabbit and racer.I guess different parks have different rules.
Thanks for pointing out the new 48" height requirement for MF. My daughter will be thrilled!

Well, shoe hieghts are usually alright, but in the case of platform shoes or doc martens they usually won't be accepted if the child is too short without them, unless a supervisor or higher says its ok. On the case of water rides, like Snake River, you can go barefoot if you want, but if the child is too short without then he
/she has to wear them, otherwise they cannot ride, because they do not meet the hieght requirements.
Also - the wristbands I was refering are the same ones your thinking of.
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Thanks to all for the help. I shouldn't have any problems. DangerousDan, have fun with your family at CP and Millenium Force. I plan on taking my daughter on that one also.

BTW, at Disney they are very inconsistent and people have reported 2 different size sticks within the same ride. They check kids 20 times before they let them ride. Much like everything else there, they are becoming gestapos with all their rules. I am all for safety, but be consistent. They are not consistent at all.
Oh, well. I like IOA much better anyway.

A few years ago a group of friends of mine from work went to Cedar Point. I've always been a big fan of roller coasters and truly loved them growing up. It had been a number of years since I had ridden a coaster and I looked at all of the videos and pictures of the rides at Cedar Point and was very excited for the trip.

I'm 6'6" with a long torso and when we got there I was unable to ride any of the rides with over the shoulder harnesses. I tried a number of them and simply couldn't get the harnesses to latch on any that we tried. After being turned away from a number of rides because neither my friends or the attendants could get the harnesses to latch I road 2 wooden roller coasters and the spent the afternoon at the water park.

After looking at the rides online and seeing them in person and anticipating a great adventure I was terribly disappointed. I understand the manufacturers have requirements and am glad the parks enforce them for riders safety. That being said, many people who are above average height simply don't have the opportunity to enjoy something that obviously everyone in this forum loves.

I would be willing to pay extra just like I do when purchasing exit row tickets on airlines to be able to enjoy these rides but the amusement park industry doesn't attempt to make those accommodations. I'm thankful that my employer bought the tickets for our group and my disappointment was not compounded by spending so much money on what turned out to be a long miserable day.

I envy all of you who enjoy those amazing rides and I have not been to or plan on going to any amusement parks again.


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By few years ago, do you mean 17 years ago?

When did they start charging extra for the emergency exit rows on airplanes?

But then again, what do I know?

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When they started hating poor people.

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When they realized that they could.

But on topic... One thing to remember about shoes... they compress as you walk in them throughout the entire day. You may actually lose a quarter inch or so as the day wears on. If she's that close, consider keeping a 2nd pair in the car and swapping out.

You definitely want to look for a pair of athletic shoes with a thicker heel. We bought our son Heelys one year when he was close, but those could be considered obvious. But some cushioned New Balance running shoes would serve a lot better than Vans or Chucks.

Editorial: While I won't admit to doing it, I don't have a problem with stuffing out the last 1/4 inch with an extra pair of socks that we brought. These heights vary from state to state and park to park and I believe are for insurance purposes only. Why is the Mine Train at Hersheypark 42 inches, but the Mine Train at CP is 48? Why is Phoenix (crazy airtime) and Twister (rough and violent) 42 inches, but Blue Streak (moderate air and mostly smooth) 48? Because PA has less restrictive laws? Maybe, but Thunderhawk at Dorney (A Cedar Fair property) is still 48 inches. So is it because you can pay lower insurance premiums by having stricter requirements? Probably. I'm guessing it's a combo of both.

How well do you know your kid? Are you comfortable that, even though she's only 47.99 inches tall, she's not going to panic, freak out, and try to squirm her way out of the restraints mid ride? Then you'll be fine.

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