Heide Park's Desert Race

Is it just me, or does the animation show a coaster more or less identical to Alton Tower's Rita?

See here.

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See where? ;-)
Try here.
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Anyone wanna translate which link makes the video play? I clicked on them all and I only get errors.
"Video abspielen..." means "play video" - this should work after you have chosen a video format.
Somehow, it didn't seem to recognise my realplayer though.

"Video downloaden" means "download video" - this should allow you to download the video to play it from your local HD.
This worked for me.

...yes, as far as the layout is concerned, it seems like an exact copy of Rita,
just very end seems different - another S-curve with the final breaks a little later, but that may be just due the animation.

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It is a clone of Rita.

No, its not an exact clone. The ending is different. Instead of having the brake run parallel to the station, Desert Race will have a tiny airtime hill WITH BRAKES running from the top, then there will be a left-right curve going into the final brake, which will be located in front of the station.

I think its ridiculous for a park with loads of space to adapt a layout which was shoehorned into a small space. The fact that RITA is one, if not thee most dissapointing layout for a launch coaster doesnt help much.

Currently, neighbours have gone to court over a faulty building permission fir the ride. It is possible that the opening of DR could be delayed due to this case.

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One of the most disappointing layouts for a launched coaster? That looks like one of the least disappointing layouts to me. They pretty much all look lame.

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Wouldn't a more appropriate name be;

RITA: Queen of the Desert.

This way you have a name that covers both coasters.

I got the video to work with Windows Media Player.

Makes sense that it is a clone (or near-clone) of Rita- aren't Alton and Heide-Park owned by Tussauds... or whatever company merged with them?

p.s. i got the streaming video to work as well - it was definitely a problem with my browser, not the site itself.

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Yes, they (Heide Park and AT) belong to the same company now. So does Thorpe Park, which owns Stealth.

While Stealth is a nothing but a launch and a hill, RITA is just a launch and a figure-8. I rode it and I found it totally underwhelming.

It's strange because it looks like the coaster would be a lot of fun... something along the lines of a launched Jet Star. Proves that looks can be deceiving.
It´s a little bit like a launch into the finale of S:RoS NE, but without the tunnel and the bunny hops. Add to this the stupid new Intamin policy to fit the cars with those nasty OTSR and you have a ride that looks rather pointless.

While Colossos has airtime galore, Desert Rita does´nt invert, nor does it have any airtime to begin with. Its a shame that they are going to use these neck breaking devices on a ride that consists mainly of lateral direction changes.

i haven't ridden Rita, but the two twisting hills should provide some fun, no? (At least these provide very enjoyable moments on other Intamin coasters)

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