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..."How to Prove You're Not Slowing Down At 40!"

I've done some crazy trips in the past. There was the time I drove from LA to PGA and back in a single day. Or the time my Dad and I flew to Chicago and drove to SFGAm, Cedar Point, and PKI in a 3-day weekend. Or the time I flew to Dallas and drove to SFoT and SFAW in a weekend. Or the 11-day ConQuest trip that hit Compounce, SFNE, Quassy, Rye, Coney, Hershey, Dorney, Williams Grove, SFA, PKD, BGW, SFGAdv, and the entire Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware shore. And there was roadtrip Bass and I planned: driving from LA to Lagoon, SFEG, Lakeside, Vegas, and back. I had to drop out of that one but Bass did it...SOLO!

And then there was my trip to the Dells this past weekend. From LA to Wisconsin Dells and back in less than 48 hours!

My frequent travel buddies Dave "Flare" Fraser and Jim "jimvid" McDonnell were spending the weekend in the Dells along with fellow so-cal enthusiasts Chris "funtype" Murray, Jeff "mailman" Johnson, and Mike Kallay and their friend Barry "I'm not Scott" Short from Richmond. The clincher? NONE Of them knew I was joining them on Saturday...I was going to pull off a surprise ;)

[NOTE - to skip the meatier details and get right to Hades and Avalance look for the **]


Leaving the house at 10am with my backpack I made it to Long Beach Airport by 10:30, plenty of time to check in and wait for my 1pm flight to Dallas. I grabbed a quick snack -- a gym-trainer-approved water and bag of nuts -- and waited for my flight. I sat next to a hunky blonde man who had been at the airport since 7am waiting for an open spot on a flight to Orlando and was still waiting when I boarded my flight.

Arriving in Dallas just after 6pm I found a Chili's and sat to eat before my 7:30pm flight to Chicago/Midway. Again, my trainer would be proud: I ate all the grilled chicken I ordered and none of the rice. After dinner I walked over to my gate and that is when I discovered that heaven exists at DFW!

You know those mall shops that sell those $2,000 leather massage chairs? They have them in the terminals at Dallas! 3 minutes for $1; 15 mins for $5, and more. Either they're really new -- Bass and I didn't see them a week earlier and we flew out of the exact same gate -- or we were just too tired and/or giddy about the trip to notice. Anyway I slipped a crisp new $5 and enjoyed a nice, invigorating back massage that ended as they called my section to board.

My two 1/2 hour flight to Midway went quickly, thanks to the USA Today crossword puzzle I attempted. Because I was travelling light -- everything I needed was packed into my backpack -- I was off the plane quicky and at the Budget counter in a few minutes. The woman at the counter, who had been there all day and looked exhausted, told me, "there are no cars ready in the class you rented and I'm too tired to wait for one so I'm going to upgrade you to a Ford Escape at no charge. Is that OK?"

My shiney new Escape and I were on the road by 11pm. Driving down Cicero Ave I gave Dawnmarie a call to chat. When she asked where I was I told her, "Cicero and 67th" and, thinking I'd flown into O'Hare, she informed me I'd gone the opposite direction of the Dells. "No, no...Midway was cheaper," I told her as I continued to drive down Cicero looking for the interstate. I pulled over briefly so Dawn could help me book a Motel 6 online -- thanks again, Dawn! -- and I was on the road again.

After our brief chat I began to worry that while on the phone I'd been distracted and missed the interstate. It was only supposed to be a few miles and I'd been driving for 20 mins. I saw a city sign for Alsip, pulled over to check a map and, sure enough, I had gone south on Cicero instead of north. Dawn was right...I was going the wrong way! LOL! Anyway I eventually found I-294 and began my trip around the city suburbs and north to Wisconsin.

By 1am I was at the motel in Janesville, just across the Wisconsin/Illinois border. Because my body was still on Pacific Time it took me an hour to wind down and fall asleep.


I woke up at 6:30am, a full 30 mins before my wake-up call. Because I wanted to have breakfast and was worried about missing my moment to surprise the gang I took a quick 10-min shower and was in the lobby to check out and cancel my wake-up call before the top of the hour.

I wanted to get about 1/2 of the drive done before I stopped for breakfast and found a Country Kitchen just north of Madison that fit the bill. I grabbed a local paper in hopes of another challenging crossword and sat to enjoy my healthy veggie omlet made without cheese and with egg whites only. My trainer would be so proud ;) By 8:30 I was in the lobby of Mt Olympus' on-site hotel, Treasure Island, waiting to spring my surprise.

The surprise: earlier in the week I'd spoken with park owner Nick Laskaris about setting up a photo-op for Dave because Hades is in our 2006 calendar. He told me to have Dave page him during his visit and I passed that along to Dave. But I couldn't figure out how I was going to pull off a susprise at the hotel when I knew they would not give out their room number. And then an idea hit me!

Fast-forward to my drive from Midway to Janesville. I called Dave on his cell and told him I'd received a message from Nick that he was not at the park over the weekend but that his sister and park PR rep, Ruth Laskaris, would meet him in the hotel lobby at 9am. Of course there is no Ruth...he would find me waiting in the lobby!

Right on cue at 9am Dave walked in. I sat with a newpaper raised in front of my face so he would't see me. I lowered the paper, smiled and asked, "Looking for Ruth?" Hugs and laughter followed and he took me back to the room to surprise Jim. Dave opened the door and said, "Jim, I want you to meet Ruth..." Jim happened to be in the bathroom in a state of half-undress and in a panic threw a towel around his waste and yelled, "I'm don't have any clothes on!" I barged in and said hi...more laughter and hugs.

Success! ;)

We met the rest of the gang for breakfast [lunch for me] near Little A-Merrick-A and then spent the next two hours at the park before heading back up to the Dells area. I'd been to the park a year earlier and posted a trip report for the park so I won't go into detail here but it was fun watching the guys "get" this quaint, cute little park. Construction on Meteor, the Schmeck Jr Woodie for 2006, is underway. The only attraction new to me was the park's small and quirky walk-thru Haunted House back behind the Scramber. It is easy to miss so anyone visiting please ask if you can't find it!

**By 3:30pm I was sitting in the last car of Hades, my 396th coaster. I admit that for the first time in a very long time I was pretty nervous about what was inside that tunnel. Sure we'd all seen pics but it was difficult to piece them together to get an idea of which element came where. All I knew is that the 90* banked turn was at the end of the "out" run.

Out of the station is a large, steep drop of about 60-70 feet that curves to the right. The track rises up and into a double-down. The double down provides the single-most extreme moment of air on the ride. Another right curving drop leads to a perfectly-executed s-shaped airtime-filled bunny hop before aligning with the lift and connecting with the lift chain.

Before you know it you're at the top of the lift overlooking the whole Dells area -- hey, there's Avalanche to the left! The drop from the lift provides nice floating air all the way to the bottom and suddenly you're enveloped in darkness when, if you'll pardon the pun, all hell brakes loose! The outbound trip thru the tunnel takes only 5-6 seconds and while its over much quicker that you expect it also feels much, much longer there in the dark.

Previous trip reports on Hades have all said the same thing: I don't know what happens in that tunnel but it sure is fun! Well gang I can't shed much light on the tunnel either...other than the 90* turn and one other element [see below] on the return run what happens in there is a mystery to me, too. But one thing I do know: for the first time in a long, long, long, long time I was actually screaming out of fear as every element in that tunnel hit me. There are moments of air, laterals, and lateral-air. None of those moments are excessively extreme but given the great speed at which you're travelling and the pitch-black darkness it feels as if each element is attacking the train.

So there I am, sitting in the back car letting out an involunatry scream every moment my body was thrown up, down, or side-to-side. I knew the 90* turn was near the end of the "out" run and I really began to wonder how it would feel. It is taken at such speed and with such grace that you don't even notice it unless you're sitting in the front.

The rise into the turn around gives riders a chance to breath before hurtling down a turning drop, over a speed hill that lifts riders out of their seats, and plunging back down into the darkness again before scaring everyone with a nice headchop. The return trip, slightly longer at about 6-8 seconds, is equally terror-inducing and ends with a very diabolical element: a turning bunny hop that is banked the wrong way! Just as you see a bit of light you're thrown up and to the right as the train goes up and to the left...it truly feels as if Satan himself is trying to toss you from the car!

Once out of the tunnel the train rises up a large hill, slows ever-so-slightly, and then hurtles down about 80 feet parallel to the lift with terrific speed. The end of the ride is an enlarged speed-filled undulating intense figure-8 that reminded us all of Raven's speedy forested ending.

VERDICT - Holy crap, what a ride! If this is what Gravity Group has in store for us the future is looking might fine, my friends ;)

Before heading over to Timber Falls we took a spin on the park's other three woodies and the Medusa cart track. I'm happy to say that both Zeus and Cyclops were vastly improved from my visit a year ago. Its amazing what a difference warmer weather and full trains make. And the Medusa course with its wicked triple-down? Hella-fun!

It was a short drive down the strip to Timber Falls. Jimvid's friend Greg [aka djgreghaus, who also posted a trip report] hook up with us. We had dinner at Pedro's and celebrated Chris Murray's birthday. By 7pm is was time to conquer Avalanche. How to explain this ride?....Hmmmmm.

Avalanche runs a 3-car 2-bench PTC. 12 people ride at a time. The coaster is basically a 80 foot lift followed by a successtion of differently-shaped 20' high bunny hops coiled around itself twice. Its funky-looking and watching the the short train zipping around the course in breakneck speed looks cartoonish. If you've ever seen a CoasterDyanmix model in action you know what I'd mean if I said it appears as if the train is taking the elements at a speed unrelated to real earth physics.

My first ride was in the front seat; I managed one back seat ride before leaving. Out of the station a 90* turn to the left leads to the peppy lift. Once off the lift riders turn into rag dolls as the train goes up and over the bunny hops. No matter where you sit its airtime galore! There is not a hill that doesn't deliver and not a bad seat on the train. Inch for inch of track I can't think of another woodie that offers more airtime and more laughter than Avalanche.

VERDICT - Yes folks...it is THAT GOOD!

Jim, Mike Kallay, and I took a ride on the golf course's excellent flume while the others continued to ride the woodie. Its a nice flume that proved to be a soaker on the last drop.

We ended the night back on Hades before retiring to one of the hotel rooms after park closing to watch some of the video footage shot that day.


Just after midnight I decided it was time to make my drive back to Chicago/Midway. I said my goodbyes and was off. Four hours later I'd returned my rental, checked into my flight, and was relaxing at the gate waiting for my 6:30am flight to Dallas.

Once back in Dallas I had 30 mins to make my next flight. I took the shuttle to the gate, treated myself to another quick massage, and by 10am we'd taken off. Luckily I was able to get a little sleep on the last leg of the flight. We landed back at Long Beach at 11:30am, less than 48 hours after I left.

As much as I wanted to go home and collapse I still had father's day festivities to attend. I finally made it back home around 10pm, did a load of laundry, and was asleep my midnight.

EDIT - ooops...forgot to mention Greg joined us pre-Avalanche. TR all fixed now...sorry, Greg! ;)

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I hate you and love you all at the same time, dear sir.
Man, all of these recent Dells TR are makeing me want to get out their even more. I simply can not wait until I go in late July.

i'm not sure what to put here..

GREAT TR, Moosh! Makes me miss Avalanche. It's in my top 5 coasters (If I had a top 5, I guess!) I can't wait to try Hades soon!

Real Cbuzz quote of the day - "The classes i take in collage are so mor adcanced then u could imagen. Dont talk about my emglihs" - Adamforce
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Avalanche made us all do the "Miller Giggle" ;)
Glad you enjoyed Hades. I made my first visit to the Dells on Memorial Day weekend and was not dissappointed. I even told Mike from Gravity Group that if Hades is a good example of what they hope to produce I'm going to be hitting their coasters no matter where they are.

On the other hand, Avalanche just might be my top woodie (if I kept track of that sort of thing). Every ride is fun and giggle inducing. Can't wait to get back.

Yeah is Good!
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You bastard.

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

^^ And there we have a perfect example of nasai's sensitive side. ;)

i'm not sure what to put here..

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I've seen Nasai's sensitive side once...in the locker room at Splashin' Safari. White as a whale, too...but damned cute ;)


1. Hades cycle times [dispatch to dispatch] were in the 4-5 min range. That means about 300 people per hour were riding. Good luck to everyone at ACE Con this year.

2. When Mt. Olympus closes, its closed. Period. We were in line for Hades, about 50 people from riding, when the 10pm closing time hit. The rides ops shut down the coaster and told us the park was closed. Everyone in line was out of luck. That means those who were next to ride had gotten in line sometime between 9:15 and 9:30pm. Lots of unhappy campers to say the least.

3. Triton, the water coaster, can manage about 100 people an hour. If you want to ride do it first thing in the day.

4. Visit Timber Falls after 5pm for the $13 all-you-can-ride evening special.

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Ha ha, single gayest comment in a trip report ever.

Mamoosh said:
"Jim happened to be in the bathroom in a state of half-undress and in a panic threw a towel around his waste and yelled, "I'm don't have any clothes on!" I barged in and said hi...more laughter and hugs."

I could never make this trip, all that plane travel...wow. Much respect. I seriously can't wait to get there in July.

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Curious...how is that comment gay?

Great trip report moosh...I got on Avalanche last year and was blown away. It is my favorite coaster (and I've never really ranked them before). I'm quite jealous about Hades... I'm not sure when I'll get back that way, but it sure is good to hear another successful woodie story(no sick comments needed)! :-)

Mamoosh said:
Curious...how is that comment gay?

I think it was just because you said Jim was in a state of undress but you barged in on him anyway. ;)

(not sure if that qualifies as the "single gayest comment ever" though) :P

Nice trip report! Surprises are always fun.

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Moosh, I think he means gay as in happy. ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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Nice TR Matthew!

Mamoosh said:
Avalanche made us all do the "Miller Giggle" ;)

Hopefully no one struck the *GC infirmity pose*... ;)

bASS is gonna get me for that one, LOL! :)

Better believe I'm hitting up some nighttime Avalanche action before "hitting the ski lodge"...:)

With that, Hades' "mystery tunnel", "the Drop on 'Clops", go-karts (without getting yelled at this time perhaos) and yes, a day at Noah's Ark...I think I'll have PLENTY of fun at the Dells...woulda been nice to hooked up with you all, but I'll definitely catch up at CAC! LOL, Robo already has that trip planned *to the minute*...

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Per the Mt. Olypus closing comments.

I was in line for Hades at about 9:30 and while on the steps, near the top, lightning started up in the area. They ran Hades for several more cycles, to the point where I was only 1 train away from riding.

During this time I knew that my chances of riding where slim, but I was confused when I noticed both the Zeus and Cyclops stations were dead. Not dead as in no riders waiting, but nobody period and the lights turned off. Maybe the lines had died down early, but several people were power riding both coasters only 30 minutes prior (which is when I ventured over for one last trip on Hades). I can't imagine that they would have shut down earlier than Hades due to the lightning. I guess it was both lightning and no lines that caused this, but again it was a little odd.

Anyway, plenty of yelling at the ride ops and people waiting for word to make it back down the line to turn around. So I walk over to the Trojan Horse go-cart track, the only one I hadn't ridden yet, at about 9:50. There was enough people in line for about one full set of carts, me included. The previous riders enter the 'station' and I'm thinking at least I'll get one more go-cart ride in as the timing was about perfect. We would have been done right about 10 on the button. But the ops told us that the park was closed and that was it. People asked if it was the lightning and they responded that the lightning didn't affect the go-carts, it was just closing time.

I understood the Hades closing due to lightning, but to shut down the go-carts nearest the entrance 10 minutes early was just plain B.S. from my standpoint. We could have ridden and gotten out of the park before all the people in the other go-cart lines even got to the gates. Not to mention that on my walk from Hades to the Trojan Horse track that the Poseidon track, or whatever the one that goes 'underwater' is called, had a FULL qeue.

To top it all off I got in my car and had to drive past the rest of the park to get to my hotel. As I passed the two other tracks that are next to the strip I saw people still standing in the qeues and people actually riding on the one track and it was now a few minutes past 10. What is up with this? Do the ops for each go-cart track get to do whatever they want?

I enjoyed my day overall, but left with a bad taste in my mouth for how the operations are handled. People don't like to wait in line for nothing when you could tell them beforehand that they might be waiting for nothing. It's a pretty crappy policy if you ask me.

Yeah is Good!
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Two men hugging, one in partial nudity...not that theres anything wrong with it.
8.3 if it was two women, you'd be drooling...get over it.

--George H

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Closing policies like that are disastrous...I'm not saying you shouldn't close, but if you have a *hard close* at 10, then close the lines early enough to empty the queues by then....and don't have other rides running AFTER that.

Someone has a great day at your park, then leaves with a sour taste due to operations policies at the last 10 minutes? That's CRAZY!

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Get over what? It was a joke. Seriously though, no harm meant by it. *** Edited 6/21/2005 2:58:14 PM UTC by eightdotthree***

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