Health Code violations found at Sandcastle water park

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A recent county health inspection turned up health code violations at Sandcastle in West Homestead. The county found violations at 10 of the park's 11 food spots. Half of the snack bars had what the health department describes as "critical violations."

Read more from KDKA/Pittsburgh.

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Before you can be older and wiser you first have to be young and stupid.

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"Would you like a side order of poop with you fries?"

Somehow I don't recall seeing this when Kennywood's traditional management was in charge. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come with both parks.

Dippin' Dots... Wastewater of the future!

I hate stories like this. And this one was better than most.

You get a screaming headline that they found "serious health code violations" but in reality it is a pretty extreme stretch to imply that there is an imminent danger to public health. "Food particles on the ground," for instance, is a serious violation...but it really isn't a health hazard because those "food particles" are not being served. Likewise grease around the fryers, or even a backed-up drain does not necessarily represent a serious threat unless the conditions are not addressed. I mean, restaurant drains are plugged up all the time, and they are cleared all the time; hopefully it was dumb luck that one was plugged when the health inspector got there.

The cross contamination problem is probably the most serious one, as that suggests problems with food prep procedure, as opposed to minor housekeeping issues.

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Call me when someone is critically ill. Until then, I'll keep visiting. It must not be as "serious" as they think. Most health department employees aren't qualified to wipe their own ass, let alone make a decision on what's safe for me to eat.

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If you ask me, this article is making a Taco Grande out of a Tostito.

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