Heads up: SkyRush down for 2012

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Just ride SkyRush, and your thigh pain will make you forget about your head!


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djDaemon said:

Axle - central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear

Axel - badass fictional cop from Detroit

Axl - Rose: talented, but reclusive vocalist whose long-awaited (and excellent) sequel to the classic Use Your Illusion(s) albums gets unfairly panned or altogether ignored- probably by people who haven't even bothered listening to it and had their reviews written 10 years before the album actually hit shelves.

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The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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GnR is a great rock band ruined by Axl's screechings and moanings. Listen to the end of November Rain, where he shows us his interpretation of what a cat on morphine sounds like when slowly being ran over by a steamroller tail first and tell me that is a good sound coming from his body?

My favorite Axl is Axl Heck. He is sooooo funny. The entire Heck family are my favorite family in prime time. (Puts chin to chest and whispers) ...prime time.

Jeez, I hope you don't have a cat.

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