Heading to Holiday World & Kentucky Kingdom. First Timers Suggestions where to stay

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I am almost ashamed to admit we have never been to Holiday World. We've been to parks allover this country over the years and never made time for it. We will be hitting up Mich Adventure next week and then bouncing down to Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom. Any recommendations on places to stay? Obviously we've done research and know of all the hotel options in the area but just wanted to pick your brains of those of you that frequent often. We are going to do 2 days at Holiday World and probably just a day at Kentucky Kingdom unless the weather decides to be a wanker.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks much!


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I have not had the best of luck with hotels near Holiday World and I found the ones I have stayed in to be overpriced and not the best.

Although Holiday World is a great park, you will not need two days. While the water park is huge, the dry park, though nice, is still pretty small and you can hit almost everything there with short waits in the afternoon.

Needing to and wanting to are two different things.

I was just there 2 weeks ago and we stayed just outside Louisville. KK has a good deal for out of state guests where you get 2 days at the park and a free drinks wristband for both days for $30. So we went to kk the first day got our tickets rode all the coasters and left at 2pm and made the 1hr drive to holiday world and arrived there at 2pm since you cross the central time zone. We stayed until closing and we rode everything multiple times. The next day we went back to kk and spent the whole day there.

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What gamerguy said. When at KK, if you are not from Kentucky, show your out of state ID to get a discounted ticket, another ticket for the next day and a drink wristband. And seriously... get ready to marathon Storm Chaser!

As far as lodging around HW goes... I've only camped. So I really can't help you there. It's very limited on choices from what I see. Although its weird to see two Comfort Inn's at the same exit.


^I thought lightning run was just as good as storm chaser and the new Legend was the best out of the 3 woodies at HW. So far of the 4 rmc coasters i have ridden Wicked Cyclone is the best one. I would have ridden 5 if Lightning rod was open when i was there but i will be back to ride it in october so my views may change.

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I visited HW two weeks ago for the first time in 10 years. I stayed at the Ramada in Tell City. It was terrible! Dirty rooms, limited selection of stale items at breakfast, and the staff was hard to find. Not cheap either. The drive to HW was 30 minutes. The Baymont was nice when I stayed there 10 years ago (but had no rooms available this time). Good luck!

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When I go to HW I stay at the Jasper Hampton Inn. It's...a Hampton Inn and all the good/bad that brand has (clean, friendly, ok breakfast) it's about 30 min away.

However, I do know that they raise the price considerably for summer weekends if you don't book months in advance .

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I was just about to say Jasper – I stay at the Holiday Inn there (and indeed I will be doing that in a few weeks time...)

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Jasper is so far away. It's brutal. There are a couple of regular, mostly adequate places there at I-64 and 162. Honestly, if proximity is your thing, Santa's Lodge is the only game in town. If you can bring your own bedding, you can also rent an RV or cabin at Lake Rudolph.

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Stayed at Santa's Lodge last weekend and it was not bad. Maybe a little overpriced, but wanted a place to stay that was close. I was really surprised by the lack of hotels near Holiday World when searching for places to stay for my first ever visit.

Yeah, it's not easy. I stayed at a Days Inn in Tell City, and it was more than decent, but my only visit was in 2007.

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There's a Quality Inn nearby which is fine -- I want to say Huntingsburg IN but don't quote me on that. Nothing fancy, but close by.

Stayed at Santa's Lodge once. While the lengthy one minute drive to the park was convenient :-) I'm terrifically cheap and would rather save dollars and drive farther.

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This glaring deficiency seems like it could be an opportunity (albeit an expensive upfront one) for HW, if they ever decided to get into that game.

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I think if they needed a hotel they would already have one.

I was gonna go there, but I haven't been around here very much lately and I wasn't sure if that old joke hadn't been dragged behind the shed and shot while I was gone...

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Like that ever stops us...

True. And everyone here had the chance, but no,... three days later I finally had to.

I stayed at the Comfort Inn on the edge of Ferdinand, by the highway. Decent place.

I remember there being a new Motel 6 about half the way to Jasper. Friends on mine stayed there and it was pretty nice, especially for what you'd think of a Motel 6. However, that was over a dozen years ago so who knows what it's like now (or if it even still exists). Just wanted to drop in a couple of pennies.

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