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rollergator said:
^"...with no place to sit and walking the entire rest of the attraction..." - from what I've been able to gather, that is the reason for the demise of the attraction as a whole.

With the exception of the very old and the handicapped, have we really become this lazy? We really need to sit for a walkthrough attraction?


And IIRC, the reason the storyline changed was because people were supposedly confused by the original.

A once incredible attraction has been neutered by the fact that people in general are lazy and stupid. That's the saddest reason to lose a great ride.

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Actually, I was most disappointed by the fact that all of the "Taylors" seemed to be dudes after awhile.

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Lord Gonchar said:

A once incredible attraction has been neutered by the fact that people in general are lazy and stupid.

Now you've done it.

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Yeah, Gongh. Now you've done it. Now someone is going to pop up and start preaching how only half of the people, by definition, are "below average intelligence", or "stupid", and that it's awfully arrogant of you to start calling people names. Then he'll play right into your plan of keeping a thread alive by arguing back and forth for about 10 pages about what should be considered a reasonable difference of opinion.


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That's only valid if you define stupid as 'below average (or more correctly, median) intelligence' - you're grading on a curve.

I don't. I believe our smartest are stupid in the big scheme of things. People as a species are stupid. :)

It all depends on how you define the parameters.

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I think this debate is stoop-id. ;)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

People are primates. We're basically just chimpanzees dressing up in clothes, driving cars, going to jobs. Just remember that and nothing people do will ever surprise you again.

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The dolphins are hatching a plan...

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I R SMRT so back of!

As the dolphins said, "So long and thank for all the fish!"

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I work for Haystack Dryers here in the US, and am really pleased that some of you know about our dryers and have seen them around.

We will have around 20 dryers across the US this year, and over 300 world wide!

If anyone has any questions or wants any more information about the dryers or where to find them, feel free to email me or check out our website!

Thanks again for all your interest!


It's these little cool things that us amusement park junkies notice.

The shape kind of reminds of some of the doors off the USS Enterprise (Star Trek)

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Back to the off topic topic
Could they have shut off the tunnel effect
because when Harry Potter opens this will be redone as a
Harry Potter attraction.
That makes some sense if the pumps needed rebuilding
rather than spend to maintain an attraction they are going to close .

The wizard leading you thru can disaperate you
when the walls go up.Why have a myth based attraction
in a wizard based area.

When I continue to think on this it makes more sense
If the dueling dragons are rethemed to the triwizard tourney could this become the end where harry and the other kid touch the trophy and blam they are in the cemetery.

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Uh, I don't think that's in the Harry Potter area. That part of Lost Continent will remain Lost Continent.

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...Which will also become the smallest "Island" in the park, complete with one or two attractions.

Potter or no Potter, maybe (hopefully) they are still working on a new show for the attraction.

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