Have Cedar Fair parks ever sold out of Fast Lane passes?

I know the website for the parks all say that the passes are limited, but has anyone actually been shut out from geting one? How do figure out when to stop selling? Is it a set number or does the number shift depending on how busy the park is? Just curious.

Yes. Opening day at Cedar Point they sold out. It was so crowded, though. Any other day should be fine.

Where do you go in the park to get one?

I didn't get fastlane, but I did see a fastlane vendor in the TTD gift shop. There are many other places to get them. On a weekday you won't need one, though.

Whether or not I "need" one is a matter of personal preference. I'm going this friday and the combination of it just being Friday and the fact that its Math/Science week is enough for me to buy one. I'm not a fan of line and if I can wait 15 min. per ride instead of 45 or more, I'm all in.

How much are they?

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At Cedar Point, it seems to vary on location. Here's what I observed on opening day:

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Banshee72 said:

I'm not a fan of line

Because so many are :)

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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How much are they?

Prices vary. Plan on getting fast lane online to get a more set price.

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I hear the Google can help you find stuff on the Internets.

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...and Google brought me to this site....

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You're doing it wrong.


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Jeff said:

I hear the Google can help you find stuff on the Internets.

My signature didn't come about by accident... :~P

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Yeah, pointing people to Google is often not enough. I find the way people search entirely fascinating. There are certainly different skill levels when it comes to using Google.

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And why is that? I consider myself a Google Ninja. Heck, when I worked in Child Support, I was asked to find out about a parent to see how dangerous he really was, and within 30 minutes, using Google, I was on the phone with the arresting officer who arrested the guy 3 years prior.

Then I see some people try to search and wonder what the heck they're doing. I especially hate it when someone types www.websitenamehere.com in the google search bar.

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^ I got you beat there. My co-worker types "www.google.com" into the Google search bar to get to Google.

IIRC, she then clicked the first result, which took her to the real Google search page.

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I was bringing my phone to tmobile because it had problems, and all they did to help was search online on google. I had already done that and was way more efficient using it than they were.

Google was how I found CBUZZ. I searched top 100 rollercoasters and found this. Then it was love at first click!

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Curious. Does anyone know if Cedar Point, or any other park might set different quotas for fastlane depending on what day of the week it is? Or, perhaps different quotas for peak season?

They seem to cut back on everthy else in the early and late part of the season, it would be interesting to know what those quotas are. I'll bet they are scaled back for this time of the year, probably why they sold out.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Tyler Boes said:

Google was how I found CBUZZ. I searched top 100 rollercoasters and found this. Then it was love at first click!

Egad... I think you just made me a bing man, man.

Curses, google...

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