Haunts Vs. Rides

Saturday, October 29, 2011 4:28 AM

super7* said:
Halloween is great if done right, but most of these parks go for gore and nothing else. Absolutely hated King's Island's version last year with so much fog you couldn't see anything and people jumping out at you in the midways. But that is how Cedar Fair operates, they go for 1 target market (teens and young 20's).

Sorry, disagree there. Kings Island has such a thoroughly rich Halloween atmosphere. There has been so much effort put into their event, in my opinion. Every where I looked in that park, they had detailed props, cobwobs, lights...every kind of Halloween concept one could imagine, not just gore and fog. In fact, I was telling my friend about how Kings Island seemed to capture every essence of Halloween to me. The park was beautiful, and put me in the Halloween spirit. If you don't like gore and fog, go on Sunday. Sunday is all about family-friendly Halloween activities in a Halloween environment.

As for me, I go primarily for Haunt attractions in the fall, as I've gotten my share of rides all year. But of course I can never resist awesome night rides with added fog. Night rides on the Beast or thick-fogged Millenium Force rides = heaven.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 7:15 AM

I'm not sure I would equate fog and people jumping out at you as "gore." I haven't been to other CF parks for Halloween, but at CP the gore is pretty much non-existent. Infirmary is the only area I can think of that even has a small amount of gore, and that's pretty much limited to one scene.

In my opinion, gore is really cheesy unless done right, and I have yet to see anybody do it right. Give me some talented actors over cheesy props any day.

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