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Hello fellow coaster buzz peeps. I'Ve been studying and researching Haunted places and Im very curious about the haunts at my home park of Six Flags St. Louis and other parks. If you know of any or have experienced anything let me know. This should be a very chilling subject.
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Check out the thread on Lake Shawnee in West Virginia. :)


A group of friends and I travelled to a haunted, abandoned factory and discovered that there was a dismantled carousel inside. What is funny about it is that the carousel didn't look to be that old.


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^That's wild! The baby doll is giving me the chills, though. :)


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Isn't there some stories about the ballroom at Cedar Point? What we really need a a phantom coaster that only appears when the moon is full, ridden by the souls of the damned. We have boats and trains in that category already, so a coaster should be out of the question. Maybe Drachenfire? That would elicit the screams of torment neccesary.

If you're interested in local stuff I can tell you about the haunted house a friend of ours created in the caverns under the Lemp Brewery. The Lemp family had a history of suicides and madness in it's past and their house is rumoured to be haunted as well. He worked many days through the summer creating the attraction. While he was working alone he would hear the occasional odd sounds which didn't strike him as anything out of the ordinary. The caves do link to the rather vast network of caves below St. Louis and the sounds could have been filtering in through the various openings. What he couldn't explain was the problem with the lights. They hed be working in one section and when he went back to the previous section the lights would be out. Not burnt out, but the switch had had been thrown to the "off" position. No one else down there but him and the only way down was noisy freight elevator. He didn't work done there alone after that.

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World's Scariest had a show on Shawnee lake...Creepy how only one of those swings were moving back and forth and the others were has still as statues.....Ive been reading up on the Lemp Brewery also. Anyone have anything on these 3ghost's that supposivly haunt Six Flags St. Louis......1.Little girl supposivly who runs around laughing....2.Stella....3.the pigman
lemp mansion is def on my list of places to visit when i ever get to st. louis

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