Haunted Conneaut

Not a bad website. As a former employee, the park can be quite 'scary' after hours. This may work out in their favor.


That's a really interesting site and cool to read the stories about the hotel. You ever notice that almost all haunted hotel stories involve a tragic event with a bride and groom?
I've been to CLP many times after closing, when we stayed at the Hotel and Camperland, and it can be inspiring. Like most places after dark, it takes on a whole new look when there's few people and it's very quiet.

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The original word was that they were going to try having Devils Den open. I don't see anything about that on the site.

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If they left you run loose under the Blue Streak, and had guys with chainsaws chasing you, they may not need the Devil's Den.

They should decorate and fire up the Bug. Haunts and large bugs go good together.

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All of you CLP apologists better make it a point to visit and pay your $15.

I am going to try to go, sounds like fun.

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