Has Cedar Fair Started Rebranding Halloween Events?

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Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't tell you what Halloween event name is associated with what park or park chain, with the exception of the obvious ones like Knott's. Same with waterparks. Soak City, Boomerang Bay, Splashin' Safari, Place Where People Can Ride Water Slides And ****...it's all the same to me.

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The graphic shows trains with ten across. I don't know how they can possibly get away with an outright lie like that.

Knott's has used the term Halloween Haunt for years. I have a shirt from 2007. The front has a Haunt graphic and the back has Knott's Scary Farm and lists all of the mazes from that year. I believe they used the term Haunt for the night time after they kick everybody out from the day time.

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I think that they are trying to make a uniform sub brands across the chain (ie Haunt for scary and Snoopy for non scary) I doubt that they will take away the specific names from the parks that have them. All of the locals use those names to mean everything associated with Halloween.

Also, as stated above for years the official name of Knott's Event has been; The Halloween Haunt at Knott's Scary Farm. I think that they want to spread that sort of name to the whole chain.

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I found the re-branding in the case of Cedar Point to be a bit confusing and I'm not sure why they are doing it as their Halloween weekends in recent years have been ultra-successful. The way they made it look like two events had me double checking to make sure they weren't doing separate gates and making sure my pass still got me in there from open to close. I agree that the dual gates can make sense in an urban area where the population is local, but I think it would be a terrible mistake for them to try it at Cedar Point.

I guess what they're trying to show is there is something for everyone - little kids and families looking for parades, pumpkins, candy etc and also for teens and adults looking for scary stuff and gore.


Even the "locals" to Cedar Point drive an hour or more for the trip and I'm sure wouldn't take too kindly to having to leave the park before the Haunting activities start. We've been trained to expect an all day experience and if they were to try to change that now it would be a PR nightmare.

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In addition to a logistical nightmare. The only reasonable way to work it that I've seen (given that clearing the park is a non-starter) is giving the haunt guests a special wristband and only wristband wearers can get on rides after 6pm or whatever. And even that solution has a lot of problems.

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