Has a coaster been torn down a rebuilt?

I'm doing a little research and was wondering if there has ever been a case where and amusement park has removed a roller coaster and later rebuilt the same layout at the park. An example: if Magic Mountain rebuilt another Cyclone model.

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^Just offhand - Magic Mountain removed Wile E. Coyote's Canyopn Blaster, then rebuilt it as Goliath Jr.


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Cedar Point removed it's original Wildcat in 1978 and moved it to Valleyfair as The Rails. They then purchased a new Wildcat model in 1979 and built it on the curent site of Disaster Transport.

New Wildcat: http://www.rcdb.com/id20.htm

Old Wildcat: http://www.rcdb.com/id115.htm

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Closest I can think of this actually happening would be Knobels Grove rebuilding the Elitch Gardens Twister (or maybe Elitch Gardens Building Twister II), though neither of these are exactly the same as the origional.

Geauga Lake (Funtime) and Lake Compounce (Hershey Park at the time) essentially did this with Big Dipper and Wildcat respectively in the 1980's.

Isn't that what Waldameer is doing with RF2?

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

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The only thing the new RF layout has in common with the old is a bridge over the road.

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Disneyland tore out the old track and supports for Space Mountain and replaced it with an identical layout as part of the 2005 upgrade.
Morey’s tore down Doo Wopper and rebuilt it on a different pier. RCDB gives each its own entry. Flitzer has also been taken apart and reassembled.
Isn't there a new wizards cavern? Not sure if it's the same but I was told the old one was very cheesy which made it very fun.


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^The old WC, which was a VERY well-travelled Mack ride, sadly left Casino Pier when it was decided a refurb would be too costly. The new ride, a Wisdom coaster called Pirate's Hideaway, is still enclosed but lost alot of the old *pizzazz*, even with a very similar layout. Seemed to have a little more "zip" in the older ride.

WC's history is quite interesting, as it started out on the German Fair circuit, crossed the ocean and the N. American continent from coast to coast, spent time at Cedar Point and Palisades in its lifetime...


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